Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wrangler: Are You a Boundless Traveler?

Wrangler recently introduced its latest advertising campaign "Find Your Edge - Boundless Traveler" for Fall/Winter 2012 - a campaign that leads us to explore an adventure without bounds and with newfound energy and freedom.

In a nutshell, The Boundless Traveler demonstrates a free spirit on the open road who knows no boundaries. It is about exploring, feeling alive, going on adventures, and embracing unlimited possibilities.

That definition of The Boundless Traveler is definitely something I can relate to. I've always seen myself as a free spirit. I sleep late. I have fun. I let myself get wild. I drink whiskey. I go where I want. I do what I want. I spend what I want. If I had a car and if I could drive, I'd drive it fast on empty streets without anything in mind but feeling infinite... and not getting arrested, of course. :p

Some people would call this kind of lifestyle 'reckless' and 'irresponsible'. I'd like to call it 'free'. After all: YOLO. (Yes, I totes just did that!)

Here is the style of The Boundless Traveler, as Wrangler sees it:

Lightweight denim bottoms to travel in style and comfort while evoking a modern vintage look and jackets to serve as protection while traveling.

Functional, modern and utilitarian outfits paired with jackets and subtle details.

Outfits in the colors of the sunrise.

I've got a lil girl crush on the girl on the right. Hee! XD

Definitely something for everyone!

We also got to find out about Wrangler's 7 Icons and enjoyed a 360 degree view of models wearing Wrangler jeans:

My fellow bloggers on the other side seem to be enjoying the models jeans immensely. :p

What do you think of the new campaign? Are you a boundless traveler, too? Share your thoughts! :) And make sure to drop by Wrangler boutiques and leading department stores to check out the new collection firsthand!

And while you're at it, like Wrangler on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)


  1. Cool!! their jeans are really good.. and the last pic is so funny.. they are so "kinikilig" haha.. :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  2. our company handles this campaign of wrangler hehehe :)

  3. Followed you back :)

    U r so sweet and great blog.
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