Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lookbook.nu Look: As If

As mentioned in my most recent backlog blog post, Flique held a 90's party for their very first magazine launch. And, well, what can I say? I'm a real 90's kid.

I'm talking Barbies, Jurassic Park, Gak, Play Doh, Crayola, Slinkies, Capri Sun, heart-shaped sunglasses, Archie's comics, jump ropes, Looney Tunes, Nickelodeon-when-there-was-Clarissa, MTV, and, of course, 90's teen movies.

I had never wanted to be anyone as badly as I wanted to be Cher in "Clueless" and I had never wanted anyone as badly as I wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "10 Things I Hate about You".

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything plaid or matchy-matchy in my closet coz I have (believe it or not) evolved from my 90's mindset into a true blue rocker dude chick. So the only matchy-matchy things I could find were leather pieces.

Slapped on some knee-high socks to make it a bit more legit and here's my 90's fail-of-an-outfit:

blue polka dot top from my mom's closet
black leather jacket from Bangkok

black knee-high socks from Bangkok
brown and black brogue-like heels from Chick Flick Collection

Fun fact: when I see shoes that I like, I buy them - even if they're a size smaller or bigger. These shoes are a size too small for me. But I love them to bits.

I actually spent a few hours walking around the Mall of Asia in them recently and I didn't realize my feet were bleeding until I got home and took them off. Haha. All for the love of beautiful shoes!

colorful headband from Bangkok
Hershey's chocolate earrings from Krissy (BU2)
hot pink OMG necklace from Ava (BU2)

Superman logo bottle cap ring from Junk Studio
Archie Comics bottle cap ring from Junk Studio
Wonder Woman logo bottle cap ring from Junk Studio

I obviously wore the Archie Comics ring coz Archie Comics were my obsession in the 90's (Jughead was my favorite coz he was so chill and I was on Team Veronica!)- you can read more on my love for the Archies here.

And I obviously wore the Wonder Woman one coz I'm Wonder Woman. Why Superman, though? I'd like to ask past-Anj that myself. *shakes my head* Oh, past-Anj. What were you thinking?

It was a very, very lame attempt at 90's-ing it up, I know. But I tried. Give me that, at least? :p

Anyway, if you haven't heard of Flique, it is one of the hottest fashion magazines in the market that caters to Filipino fashion and encourages everyone to embrace their own fashion identity.

Flique always spots current fashion trends, 'it' items and 'it' spots in the metro. It also offers up a lot of style tips that fashionistas are sure to love! :)

Since their launch, Flique has also had another awesome party in celebration of their latest issue with Megan Young and Lauren Young on the cover:

Make sure to grab a copy! :) You can also like them on Facebook, by the way!


  1. i really love your rings! awesome and cool!!
    thanks for visit and leave comment in my blog ;)

    visit my little cream button♥

  2. I have fond memories of the 90s and I can relate to your love of Archie..although I am team Betty, I think! :) Like dawson is for Joey! I can't quite remember how that ended but I think I like Pacey and Joey also. Hmmm... sorry rambling already... :) Other memories from the 90s, carebears, salilormoon, hanson, backstreet boys, mariah, bioman, maskman, shaider...Oh the list is long! :)

  3. Haha I've never heard of anything buying shoes even if they don't fit, but that's awesome! Loving your leather skirt... totally 90's! And you should learn how to make those bottle cap rings, it's so easy :)

  4. Hahaha I am Team Veronica, too! As in I hated Betty with a passion, kasi parang nasa loob ang kulo niya.