Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Quiznos Guide to Toasted Sub Goodness

Have you guys tried out Quiznos yet? If you haven't, then you are definitely missing out.

If you are a beginner in the world of Quiznos, then here is a basic guide to help you enjoy their toasted sub goodness to the fullest:

Step 1: Invite friends to join you.

(Photo from David Guison.)

Quiznos is best shared over great conversation, silliness and laughter. Tried and tested. :)

Step 2: Decide on your sub.

If it is your first time at Quiznos, this might take a while. Just warning you. :p If you're watching your weight, then try out the Honey Mustard Chicken or Chicken Ranch and Swiss - they're the ones with the lowest calories! :D I did my research. Haha.

Step 3: Choose your size and bread.

Quiznos is popularly known for its toasted subs and hefty servings. Like, seriously hefty. In fact, I was only able to finish half of the small 5-inch sub coz I got full so quickly. Took home the rest! :p

Step 4: Let it toast.

(Photo by Miko Carreon.)

Can you believe that toasting the subs only takes less than a minute? Awesomesauce! :D

Step 5: Add your toppings.

Quiznos has a wide array of toppings that you can choose from and customize your subs with. The best part is that they are all free, so you can load up on as much of them as you want. Yum!

Step 6: Get more add-ons.

Before paying for your sub, you can also add cookies or chips to your meal, which also come in various selections. I swear we didn't eat all of those chips! Haha. Hello to healthy living from the blogger world! :D

Step 7: EAT.

So, there you have it: the Quiznos guide to toasted sub goodness! They also have soups, salads, flat breads and rice bowls available, if you aren't a sub fan.

Aside from the Bonifacio High Street branch that we ate at, my fellow Southerners can also rejoice because a branch just opened in Alabang Town Center in the cinema area, as well. Although smaller, it still provides the same delicious toasted sub goodness that Quiznos is known to have all over the world!

Now, who wants to go on a Quiznos date with me? :)