Saturday, January 19, 2013

Richard Parker

As you can prolly tell, I went through another lazy-blogger spell last week and therefore didn't get to blog my movie review on "The Life of Pi". And, since good movies are showing every week now, I feel that if I still post one, it would already be completely irrelevant... am I wrong? :/

That won't stop me from posting about my Life of Pi-inspired outfit, though. Check it out:

tribal top from Copper
black boots rom S&H

Oops! Spot the hiding photo bomber! :p

tiger and wolf skirt from Copper

purple Veloci watch from L Time Studio

sunglasses from Hang Ten
Hottie ring from Sister's Act

studded black leather cuff bracelet from House of Luxe
spiked cuff bracelet - gift from Sarah Delutta :)
lime green envelope clutch bag from Impulse Co

Although I wasn't able to write a movie review on "The Life of Pi", I have one thing to say about it: it was one of the most powerful movies I have seen to date. You must see it. Especially if you loved movies like "127 Hours" and "Buried". But even if you didn't. :p

What do you think of my outfit? :)


  1. Aww, Dora's behind you! That's cute!! :) I want your skirt.

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  2. P.S. Please make the photo on the right with Dora your profile photo. So adorable! :P I wish she was like peeking tho. Haha I wanna meet her!!!

  3. I love the outfit! I WANT YOUR WATCH AND BOOTS!

    oh, and what a cute photo bomber hihi

    PS. Speaking of, haha im going to watch life of pi this week! and yep, i did hear that it was a powerful movie.

    More power to you, miss wonder woman!


  4. ang cutie pie naman ni little photobomber! i wanna meet her :)

    The Bargain Doll

  5. I love the watch and the clutch! My favorite colors! <3