Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't really understand why some people pretend to like people they don't really like. On that note, I don't really understand why some people pretend to be someone they're not, either.

Whatever happened to keeping it real?

Just a random thought before I show you what I wore to the Hayan Korea launch last month. This outfit is sort of a compilation of the different clothing items that I had been searching for for ages, so please allow me to gush about them one by one:

black high top sneakers from Converse
black leather shorts from Gold Dot

Most of my friends will attest to this: I've been searching for comfy black leather-like shorts for the longest time and I try on every single pair that I see in stores. No joke! I never saw one I really liked until I chanced upon these shorts from Gold Dot, though. They are seriously so comfy and versatile, I can wear them anywhere! :)

green varsity jacket from Tomato
"Keep Calm and Rock On" shirt from When in Manila

I had been searching for the perfect varsity jacket for ages now, as well, so I didn't hesitate to jump at the chance to buy this one at Tomato (one of my favorite local stores to shop in!). Unfortunately, it doesn't get used a lot. I think the ol' sporty girl in me is long gone. :(

Also, I've been searching for a cool Keep Calm shirt that really reflects my personality and I'm happy to announce that I got this one from When in Manila! I'm not sure if you guys know this, but I'm a senior writer over there now, and it's honestly one of the best things that I decided to get into last 2012. :D When in Manila represent!!!

black geeky glasses from Ruins Bazaar
beige studded cap from Young Wild Free

Another thing I had been searching for for a long time was a studded cap, so I almost peed in my pants when I saw this at Cristina's booth during the last Supersale Bazaar.

I didn't have enough cash with me, though, so I had to reserve it. And then I wasn't able to go on the day I had to pick it up, so I had to get Gerd to pick it up for me. Effort! Haha. But I love it!!! Don't you? :)

So, there you have it! What are some of the clothing items that you've been longing to have? Do share! :)

Also, let's please try and keep it real this 2013, yes? :)


  1. Hehehe you look really cool :D

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  2. this outfit rocked my socks offf! haha coolio

    anyways i'll put my blog link here again lols penge edsa traffic //humor

  3. i WANT that tee!!

    i was browsing this morning and came across this...thought of you!


  4. The whole outfit is amazing. You really have the right to gush these good finds one by one! :) I like the cap and the chucks. I'm a sucker for chucks too! They;re so so comfyyy. :D<3

  5. Comfy flats. Believe it or not, I don't have a pair of flats. I have heels and wedges only. :P

  6. WIM represent! Hahaha! I love those shorts!

  7. A, this look is hhhaaaammaaazzinng, kickass cool!

  8. Hi! Being real is a challenge to most of us because of the desire to be accepted. :) Nice blog, Wonder Woman! And thanks for visiting my blog! :) -Angel Mariel of :) :) :)

  9. Ang ganda nung cap! Gusto ko ng black na ganyan! :)