Friday, January 25, 2013

Sgt. Weird

I think the one thing that people are most surprised to find out about me the more they get to know me is that I'm weird. And not just weird in the normal-kind-of-weird sense. I'm WEIRD. Capital everything.

(I don't mean to be, though. It's just the way I am.)

Luckily enough, I found friends - and a loving boyfriend! - who all embrace my weirdness and are unconventionally weird in their own ways, as well. :D I was lucky to spend time with them during a trip to Bicol earlier this month.

And here is my one and only outfit post during that trip (our motto that weekend was basically Keep Calm and Zzzzz... Lol.)

denim shorts from Miss Sixty
camo jacket from Copper

I had been looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts for the longest time. I'm quite humongous big in the butt department, so this was quite a feat - take it from me! :p Who would've known that they had the perfect pair in Miss Sixty? Lucky for me, my handsome boyfriend was generous enough to get me this pair, which I love to bits! :)

On that note, I had been looking for the perfect camo jacket, as well. When I saw this one at Copper, I fell in love on the spot. And now it is mine. Bwahahaha. Best thing I got last Christmas! :)

spiked black leather headband from Supersale Bazaar


stars and stripes shirt from ASOS
watch from Fashion Exchange
timepiece necklace - gift from Gerd Perez :)

I used to be on time for everything. If I wasn't on time, I was early. I was always the early bird. Always. And then I met Gerd and his late-ness rubbed off on me. Haha. Ironically enough, I am wearing two timepieces in this outfit (just realized this while blogging about it) and both of them are courtesy of him.

When he gave me the timepiece necklace on our second monthsary, he said it was to remind me never to be late. Lol. That hasn't really worked out so far. :p But I'm trying - swear!

pink striped socks from Bangkok
salmon pink slip-on sneakers from Keds

Comfort was key for this Bicol trip, so I brought my two comfiest pairs of shoes - including this cute slip-on pair from Keds. What I love about them is the fact that they don't have shoelaces, so they definitely save me a lot of time when waking up late and hurrying out the door :p

Of course, my outfit wouldn't be complete without a wacky pose and something Wonder Woman-esque, and that's where this photo and the stars and stripes top come in. Haha.

Definitely an ultra comfy get-up that I could wear all day every day. What do you think of it? :)


  1. omg hawig mo si Gerd dun sa last pic! haha btw I love your shirt and jacket! ♥

  2. love the pink keds and how you matched all those things together angel :

    The Bargain Doll