Thursday, January 31, 2013

From a Threat to a Promise

Hola! I'm blogging from Gerd's PC right now coz I'm trying to be a good blogger who actually updates on a regular basis. :p Go, me! Haha. Be proud, please.

Anyhoo, here's what I wore to our Quiznos lunch out and to the Adidas store launch in the Fort a few weeks ago:

beige studded cap from Young Wild Free
black pleather ripped leggings from Tomato

This beige studded cap from Young Wild Free is slowly starting to become one of my favorite caps coz it comes in so handy on bad hair days, yet comes with so much personality at the same time.

white Batman graphic t-shirt from WORE

When I first saw a version of this shirt on WORE's Facebook page, all I could think was "I NEED TO HAVE THIS. NOW." I actually ended up BBM-ing Yen (the owner) and begging her for it. :p #truestory She eventually said that she could make me a new one and I jumped up and down for joy.

Soon after that, it was in my mailbox and WOW. That is really the only word I have for it. It is an absolutely amazing shirt - perfect for comic book geeks like me.

A scrabble ring from CeCe
Watchmen smiley face ring from Junk Studio
studded ring from The Little Things She Needs
see-through watch from Fashion Exchange

This Watchmen ring from Junk Studio is another perfect addition to any geek's closet. "Watchmen" happens to be my second favorite superhero movie of all time (first one is the original "Superman" with Christopher Reeve), just FYI.

hot pink leopard bootie heels from Chick Flick Collection

I know: hot pink and leopard prints aren't exactly my style, but I couldn't not have this pair from Chick Flick coz it definitely grabs a person's attention. Plus, it's just too cute not to have - you know what I mean? So, what do you think? Can I pull it off?

In case you haven't noticed, I've been smiling in my outfit shots a lot more now, and for good reason. 2012 kind of came with a bad note all over it and I recently realized that I am completely honest-to-goodness happy with my life now (and trust me, that's saying something coming from me!)

Instead of waking up and dreading bills, work and life, in general; I now wake up with a smile on my face - even when I only had two hours of sleep the night before coz of work or coz Syrena woke me up earlier than expected.

Everything about the future just seems sunnier and brighter this 2013. Instead of seeing things as a threat, I now see things as a promise and with positive eyes. Strange coming from me, huh? But, by blogging about it, I'm hoping to spread the good vibes to you guys.

Keep smiling and always find reasons to.
There are a million.
Trust me. :)


  1. Yes, just keep staying positive! And plus you're even more pretty when you smile :) Love your cap btw!


  2. your rings are amazing. You are doing a great job as a blogger