Sunday, March 17, 2013

DVD Review: Argo

I originally wrote an entire blog post about my love for Ben Affleck - a blog post that would rival even Holden McNeil's monologue on how much he loves Alyssa in "Chasing Amy".

But hey, such is life. This post is meant to be about "Argo" and about "Argo" it shall be.

When I missed "Argo" in the cinemas, I really didn't have any plans of seeing it anymore. My dad was going on and on about how it was about ambassadors and embassies (my dad was an ambassador before retirement). Well, it's not. It's about Ben Affleck. :p And I just want to make a huge shout-out to Magnavision for giving me a copy of the DVD and strengthening my love for him all the more! :)

If you've read my DVD review on "The Vow", then you should know how much I love and appreciate movies based on true stories. Well, that is exactly what "Argo" was.

If done in any other way, "Argo" could have easily come off as try-hard or fake, but with Ben Affleck's magical eye and talent (sorry, sorry, I'm a huge fan - have you seen "The Town"?), "Argo" became a thrilling and exciting movie well worth the Best Movie wins in the Golden Globes and the Oscars (though I still hate The Academy for not nominating Ben as Best Director).

Ben Affleck also seems to have a talent for discovering and finding great talent in his cast (again, see "The Town"!). The cast was perfect for this and I love, love, loved their outfits, the setting and the cars! Lol.

If you haven't seen "Argo" yet, then you should definitely see it. Not only will you learn a thing or two about my birth country (American and proud!) and its relations with other countries, but you will also sense intense tension and maybe even sweat a little while watching. I found myself screaming a lot and even kneading my cheeks a little. Don't judge me. :p

"Argo" is definitely Ben Affleck's best work so far. So, even if he wasn't nominated as Best Director at the Oscars, it couldn't help but win as Best Movie. Watch Ben Affleck's inspiring acceptance speech here:

Oh, Ben. I love you. Please don't stop being so brilliant.

Have you seen "Argo" yet? What did you think of it? I'd love to know! :) Also, do you love Ben Affleck as much as I do? :p Don't forget to like Magnavision on Facebook and follow them on Twitter btw! :)


  1. Nice post! I loved Ben when I first watched him in Daredevil and in the Pearl Harbor movie. No idea what Argo means lol! I thought it might be like a sci fi movie. But he did great with this movie. The other actors were great too, I felt like I was in that situation, so scared at the airport scene to be honest!

  2. I love the movie sooooo much!! It was so intense that it came to the point that I was literally screaming. haha! But what I love the most are the cars used in the film. Those are my dream cars! haha.