Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leading a Double Life

"If someone wants to lead a double life, they will find a way to do it. And they can promise you things until your nerves unfold and you can finally put up your feet. But it can all be a lie. There are no guarantees, even when people mean what they say at the time. People change their minds. People die. And the hurt is as real as a baseball bat."

- Stephanie Klein

If you follow me on Twitter, you prolly already know that I've been going through a lot of personal issues in terms of friendships and love. I'm dealing with everything slowly, though, and should be back to normal in no time at all. :)

Anyhoo, here's what I wore to the Swensen's food-tasting event a few weeks ago:

black leather shorts from Gold Dot

black tank top from Bangkok
black jacket from Folded and Hung

black Pacman Ghost hat - gift from Christine Liwag
black aviator sunglasses - property of Gerd Perez

gold wired Angel necklace - made by Gerd Perez

suede sneaker wedges from Promod

These sneaker wedges have easily become my favorite pair of shoes because they go with practically anything and are incredibly comfortable! I can actually wear them all day without begging to change into flats. Love them!

studded see-through clutch bag from Hued Bags

I am also in love with this studded see-through clutch bag from Hued Bags right now! <3

It is the perfect size for all of my must-bring items:

- a book (I worship Chuck Palahniuk's writing style!)
- face powder (mine's from Maybelline)
- sexy red lipstick (mine's from Avon)
- mints (I only eat cinnamon Altoids as my mints)
- a case for my contact lenses (I'm blind, y'see...)
- a fan for the occasional intense heat

Easiest "What's in My Bag?" feature ever. :p

What I've realized during these recent trying times is that you will never actually know whether a person is lying to you or not, whether they will keep their promises or not, whether they mean what they say at any given time or whether they will still feel the same way towards you days, weeks, months or years from now.

All we can really do is hope.


  1. Aaah super love this outfit Angel <3

  2. I love that bag! As in literally I want it!

  3. I so love the bag too...!

  4. Fitness idol -_- I fail at even trying. Haha. I also wore a look like this recently!! As in yesterday. Only a colorful version of yours! :P Hope you're doing fine. I've been seeing your tweets. Talk to me anytime if you need to :)

    x Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  5. nice outfit but naisip ko hindi ba mainit?? super init lately :( Anyway, funny anecdote about this being the easiest what's in your bag feat! Made me lol a little :D

  6. So ito pala yun! Hahaha ikaw na talaga :p

  7. LOVE this outfit!!