Friday, March 29, 2013

A Resolution.

Fireworks always remind me of New Year's Eve or the Fourth of July. So, when I knew I was going to watch a pyromusical at SM Mall of Asia with my boys earlier this month, I decided to dress all patriotic-like and don as many stars and stripes as possible without being considered as overkill.

How'd I do? :)

white see-through shirt from Bangkok
black boots from S&H

Flats were a must because I knew we'd be shifting from standing to sitting to standing to sitting just to get a good view of the fireworks. My trusty S&H boots were definitely a good choice in the end!

stars and stripes vest from Forever 21
black Young Blood necklace from Crave More

I also knew that we'd be outside, so I had to dress comfortably enough to survive the heat. It was my first time to wear this impulse-bought vest from Forever 21 and this necklace from Crave More.

Fun fact: this piece from Crave More is actually the very first one that I eyed and - pardon the pun - craved for. Amazing piece designed by Aidx Paredes! :) Love it to bits! Still one of my favorite Crave More pieces to date!

American flag watch from Young Wild Free

It was also the first time I wore this cool watch from Young Wild Free. Another fun fact: I was born in America and lived there for half of my childhood and part of my awkward tween years, so this was a definite must-have for me. Ordered it the minute I saw it on my Facebook newsfeed! :p

black lace shorts from ForMe
silver boombox ring from Bangkok
Pacman bracelet from Yummycharm Shop

Everyone knows I'm not a girly girl, so I'm veeeeery slowly trying to incorporate some girlier pieces into my wardrobe. I decided to start with these gorgeous shorts from ForMe. Just a pinch of girliness for now. What do you think? :)
So as not to shock all of you, I also geeked it up with this boombox ring that I bought coz it reminds me of my Lloyd Dobler, and this Pacman bracelet that I bought before I even started blogging. Now that Multiply is gone, does anyone know where I can find Yummycharm Shop??? HELP!!! :(

Since my outfit reflected the Fourth of July more than New Year's Eve, I thought that I should at least end this post with something New Year's Eve-y: a resolution.

A resolution to stop trusting people so freely and to start following my heart more than my head. A resolution to believe that people can and will change for the better and to never give up hope.

Besides, who said resolutions should only be made on New Year's Eve anyway? :) What's yours?


  1. cute ng watch at ng necklace :)

  2. I love this look! Especially the jacket and watch! I'm a sucker for anything with the American flag on it haha

  3. i love this look, very cool
    and fresh on the eyes :D