Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back to School: Giordano Monsters University Fair!

When I got the invite to attend the Giordano Monster's University Fair in TriNoma a few weeks ago, I didn't hesitate to RSVP "yes", even though I was going to come all the away from the South.

I have been a huge "Monsters, Inc." fan since the movie came out when I was in high school. I used to love it because Boo reminded me so much of myself when I was 3.

And now, I actually have a reincarnation of me-at-3 in my own daughter, whom I brought to the fair with me. (Yes, that little tyke braved the MRT to get to and from this event!)

The minute we arrived, I was in awe as we were welcomed by the wrought iron gates of Monsters University:

We hadn't seen the movie yet when we got there, but after leaving, that was the only thing on our agenda. We even forced the too-big 3D glasses onto my lil girl just to make it happen. Lol.

Before the movie, Syrena was game to try everything with me! Her favorite part, though, was getting inked by her sorority... twice. Lol.

We also checked out uniforms, but there weren't any in her size and I didn't want to make her jealous, but I am totes eyeing the cheerleader dress in grey!

Fun fact: I used to be a cheerleader in high school! :p

We also got to test our mental speed with a game of 2Fuse at Screamology, which I rocked at, bee tee dub.

And then I got my ass kicked by Hezzy in The Field of Screams' Dance Central. I'm convinced it was rigged, though. Unless Hezzy was a cheerleader in high school, too... :p

And there was the School of Rawr where my inner rockstar made up for my lack of dancing skills in our previous class.

Monster 101 was pretty challenging. We had to play this game called Twinoo and I swear the part with the colors fucked with my brain so much, I did it over and over again until I perfected it. I tend to be a perfectionist at heart.

It was all worth it, though, coz we got our report cards stamped and claimed this cool baller ID to prove how awesome we are.

Other photos taken by Gerd:

Spot our cool Monsters University IDs.

And, after spending almost 10 hours together... FOOOOOOD!

That's just how we roll.

I'm gonna be buying the cheerleader dress tomorrow! Make sure you head to Giordano soon, too, if you wanna get your hands on these limited edition babies! :D


  1. Make an outfit post about your daughter wearing Boo's outfit! haha! She reminds me of Boo because of her bangs. Ang cool nung ID!:)

  2. wow that's neat that Monsters University collaborated with Giordano. I want to see that movie as well haha I loved the first one

  3. Haven't seen the movie yet but an officemate of mine told me it was good nga! Seems like you really did enjoy the event nakakatuwa siyang bonding moment between you and your daughter! :)


  4. wow ang bongga ng event setup!! :) anyway, i want to watch the movie.. i've seen the previous one a long time ago haha :P

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup