Monday, July 8, 2013

Win Big with Crocs' Run Sailor Run! Game!

Have you started playing Crocs' new online Facebook game yet?

The Facebook game serves as a launch for Crocs' latest beach line collection, showcasing how fun and comfy it can be to wear their shoes (and they really are fun and comfy - take it from me!)

The best part is that you can win an all-expense-paid 3-night trip to Singapore for 2, along with a trip on the Crocs yacht. All you have to do is get the highest score!

Fortunately, the game is easy peasy! Here's a quick walk-through:

To start, just pick a character that you will run with.

Then, whenever there are obstacles in your way, either duck...

...or jump.

Just keep doing this and collect coins on the way until you reach the finish line! :D

It might sound easy, but it actually takes a lot of good timing (and a good Internet connection) to dodge those obstacles and make it to the end!

After you run, your stats will be displayed, as seen above. (Not my score... I'm pretty good at this game. Don't underestimate me. Lol.)

If you want to get a higher score, ask your friends to play along. Remember: the higher your score, the higher your chances of winning that grand prize.

Even if you don't get the grand prize, though you can still win awesome treats from Crocs, including huge discounts and loot bags.

Don't forget to register to get a 10% off coupon, either! :)

To join, like Crocs Philippines on Facebook. You can follow them on Twitter and visit their official website, too! :)