Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Best Boyfriend Ever!

Dear Gerd,

I still remember when I first heard about you, saw you, and finally met you. All of that pretty much happened in a span of a few months last year. I don't think I really cared very much on another level until you tweeted "I'm such a geek." one random day.

Little did I know that your geek-world revolved mostly around Dragon Ball Z. If I had known, I prolly wouldn't have bothered inviting you to the Warner Bros./DC event. Haha. Joke lang. I love you!

Lookie! Our first picture together!

Either way, it was the best thing that I had done. :) I am always thankful that we met through Miko and have all become such good friends. I am thankful that you are almost as silly and as weird as me, so my silliness and weirdness don't look too silly and weird. And I am so thankful that you're 21 now! Woohoo! Here's to me feeling less like a pedo! *clink* :p

I wish I could spend your birthday with you today; but instead, I'll be stuck at home working my butt off, so that I can one day buy you something awesome on your birthday instead of blogging something like this.

Enjoy your day, handsome! :* You really are the best boyfriend ever!

Your Angel


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  2. Dear Angel,

    Before we met, my life was a scattered pieces of puzzle that I didn't even bother to put together. I remember making an early excuse to not to come but I took a leap of faith when I agreed to go to the Warner Bros./DC event with you because I know how awkward I can be back then.

    It was the best thing that I had done, as well.

    Through you, I had been able to fill a lot of empty slots in my life. You're that awesome.

    And hey, trust me. I don't mind, like at all, if you didn't get anything for me. The fact that you were there with me when 12:00 hit last night was all I ever wanted :)

    Thank you for inspiring me for the past 9 months! I love you so much, gorgeous! You're the coolest and I know you know that. Haha :*

    Your weirdo, Gerd.

  3. Hello lovebirds :) I'm so happy for your Angel and Gerd. Stay in love everyday! Happy birthday kay Gerd even though we haven't known each other. hehehe

  4. Happy birthday Gerd... and if Angel asks, please agree to a men's grooming post. Please...