Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Philips SoundDot: A Convenient Way to Bring Your Music with You - Anywhere!

I still remember how psyched I was to get my very first portable music player. It only played cassette tapes and I had to wait by the radio and be able to tell the first few bars of a song, so that I could record it and listen to it over and over again whenever I wanted to.

Things have definitely evolved a lot since then, but it doesn't change the fact that I need music in my life to make everything better. Whether I'm in the shower, commuting or working, music always helps put me in a better mood.

One of the latest portable mp3 players in the market is this adorable Philips SoundDot range:

What I love about it the most is its size and how you can hardly even tell it's there. Some people might not even be able to tell that it's an mp3 player to begin with. And trust me - that's a good thing! I've had another brand of mp3 player stolen from me before just because everybody knew what it was. :(

Since it has a clip, you don't even have to leave it in your bag or pocket. You can clip into the insides of your shirt and keep it hidden from view whenever you are in public, as well - something I personally find incredibly handy.

The range consists of different vibrant colors: blue, pink and white.

Other features include 6 hours of music playback; a Songbird program for easier music management; and a FastCharge feature, so you can charge it for just 6 minutes and get a whole hour of play out of it!!!

If you love working out, then the special armband model seen above would be perfect for you! Not only will it make working out much more convenient with music, but it is also very durable, so that it can withstand rigorous workout routines and bad weather conditions.

The sports headphones that come with it will also hug your ears comfortably. Definitely an item worth having in your daily arsenal!

The Philips SoundDot is now available in major electrical and gadget stores.

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  1. This looks good! I am looking for an mp3 player that doesn't look like one for the past few weeks just to avoid getting it stolen. How much does it cost?