Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Must-Haves: Retro Glasses from Firmoo

Vintage eyeglasses are definitely a great choice this season. After all, the retro look is known to be the most classic one. You just need to know how to use it properly. Ideally, you should mix vintage eyeglasses with standard, subdued colors, so that you can stand out in any crowd. If you want to get your first pair for free, just visit!

Depending on how you style your clothes with these retro frames, you can come up with a whole new look that speaks just as much about you as it does about the latest fashion trends.

(All of the model photos were taken from Firmoo+)

If you are a new customer to Firmoo, check out more products for your first free pair! All you have to pay for is the shipping fee. And remember: first come, first served!

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  1. I love retro glasses! Had my pair for ages!

  2. Itatry ko so that my old glasses will be replaced

  3. I love those glasses! Nagbabrowse ako kanina ng mga frames, tapos coincidence na nagblog ka about it haha! Sign na toh na I should really buy!


  4. ohh that's why i see many blogs with firmoo posts! thanks for sharing :)

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup