Monday, March 3, 2014

MADTVPH02 Starts Tomorrow!!! Are You Ready?

MADTVPH02 starts tomorrow!


That's right! We're baaaaack!!! Did you miss us? :)

If you've been with us since MadTVPH01, then I'd like to start this post by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the support, the love, the tweets, and the encouragement that you have been sending our way. :)

When we ventured into this project, we really had no idea how it would turn out and here we are: a day before Season 2 and raring to share all of the footage that we have been filming during the off-season. (That's right - we've been filming while we were off-season! No rest - but lots of fun, laughter and smiles - for the wicked!)

Your MADTVPH02 Hosts


If you follow me on Twitter (@the_lil_miss) and Instagram (@lilmisswonderwoman), then you might have gotten lil glimpses of what me and my on-the-go buddy and one of my best buds, Miko Carreon, have been up to for our segment on Food and Travel.

I'm proud to announce that #MikAnj is going strong and I can't wait for more kulitans with him this MADTVPH02! I couldn't ask for a better co-host and, if you haven't noticed, we're the only tandem in the team. Hahaha. Everyone else is flying solo. We're co-dependent and proud! :p


This season for MADTVPH02, our DIY queen Ana Gonzales has also "evolved" from her DIY segment. This time around, she will be sharing her experiences as a blogger, covering exclusive events and partying the night away for you to get a glimpse of what her hectic life is like behind her cool, calm and sunny exterior.

Since she won't be in the US this season, she'll also be spending more of our live segments with us! Woohoo! She only went live with us twice last season, but she really owned the mic that second time - don't you agree?


Dani Barretto will be focusing on Fashion and Beauty this time around, giving you tips, sharing new trends and doing a few DIY projects of herself...


…while Mikyle Quizon will be taking over for gadgets, apps and all things tech!

I know Seph has always been the Gadget Guy in everyone's eyes, but I'm afraid he won't be joining us for MADTVPH02. :( See, he's busy being an entrepreneur right now. Naks! Please do check out his online shop on Instagram and support him: @sephcham_shop :)

To make up for the loss of Seph, though, we've got a huge surprise for you!!! Our newest host… *dun dun dun dunnn* 


THE David Guison!!! And the best part? He'll be taking his hotness to a whole new level by focusing on all things fitness. That's right. Expect a lot of sweaty, sexy, arms-flexing-filled fun with Dave at MADTVPH02! ;)

So… I ask you again as MADTVPH02 starts tomorrow: are you ready?