Sunday, March 16, 2014

To Follow the Heart or the Mind?

This month has been a bit of a down one for me and some of my closest friends so far. There were unexpected expenses, sudden lifestyle changes, a couple of heartbreaks and a lot of reality checks, all of which resulted in decisions needing to be made. The big question always seemed to be: should I follow my heart or my mind?

sheer white musical top from I Heart Matilda / black leather jacket from Folded & Hung / vintage glasses from Four Eyes / flower necklace from Accessorize / Pacman bracelet from Yummycharm Shop

If I learned anything within these past few weeks, though, it is that it doesn't matter whether you follow your heart or your mind - as long as you follow something of your own instead of the advice of people who haven't been through what you have been through or those who seem to be pulling their advice out of their asses because they know what you want to hear or really don't care very much about your predicament. Halata bang may hugot?

I made the sad and sorry mistake of following the advice of one of my heartbroken friends and within a few days, I realised how sour, miserable and unhappy had suddenly become (yes, even more so than my emo self usually was).

The minute I reverted back to talking to the people that I was meant to cut out of my life coz they were "unhealthy" for me; I started being chipper and just happier, in general.

See, what I realised is that, no matter how awesome your friends are or how much you might be overthinking certain scenarios, you should never give up on the things and other people and things that make you happy. 

As Ser Rodrik put it in "A Clash of Kings": "When we speak of the morrow nothing is certain." So why should you give up on the things that make you happy today just because they might break your heart in the long run?

To be honest, the Century Superbods diet was making me miserable, too. I was strictly on it for about 10 days when I found myself feeling miserable coz of how much I missed chocolate and ice cream and then I read a line from Tyrion in "A Clash of Kings" saying "If there is food, I eat it, in case there is none on the morrow." (Okay. "A Clash of Kings" might just be the death of me.)

But seriously… I've been thinking… Who cares how much I weigh or whether some asshole calls me fat? Family Mart twirls are totes worth it and even if I end up single for the rest of my life, at least I won't die thinking "Dang. Shoulda had those twirls, man." :p

Get happy on your own terms, stay happy and focus on that happiness.

The mind and the heart can be deceiving, but at least they're yours. The decisions that you make based on how you think and feel are far more important than what other people may think or feel, no matter how much the people that you ask for advice love you.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all of the advice that is given to me - the ones that remind me to hope and to stay happy, especially.

However, for those people who judged other people without really knowing them and for those people who just wanted misery for company: I'm sorry. I love you, but my happiness is still my top priority right now because without happiness, I am lost.

So, follow your heart or follow your mind. It doesn't really matter. Just make sure that you follow it forwards. Always move ahead. Grow. Be a better person. And, above all things, be happy. :)


  1. Yes, be happy dear. :)

    I choose to be happy everyday. I care less about tomorrow :D

    Wonder woman will rise again.. :) and btw, I love your jacket :)