Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The History of "Our Dog"

This is really random and wasn't supposed to be part of my blog at all, but after doing errands with my makeup-less face (please excuse it), Syrena and I chilled in the garage and she decided to take photos of me. Since "our dog" is in it, I thought I'd tell a semi-funny story about "our dog" while I'm at it.

[grey Star Wars shirt from Uniqlo / boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 / purple sneakers from People Footwear]

So, originally, we took in this dog who was a breed of a Dachshund and something else (I forget what) and one day, he ran off into our village and wasn't seen for more than seven days.
A few more days passed and we were so sure that we had lost our beloved Butler (that was his name) forever.

But then, one day, I came home and I saw "our dog" sitting in our garage. I thought it was a bit weird, really, because our dog usually barks at me and jumps up at me whenever I enter the gate; but this time, he just sat there.

I approached him very slowly, squatted down and called out, "Butler! Butler! Come here, boy!" which usually gets him to jump up onto my legs. But he just sat there.

When I got into the house, my mom informed me that she had found "Butler" wandering around along President's Avenue (which is pretty far from where we live) and so she picked him up (but my mom is scared of dogs…?) and put him in the car (...and Butler would never go with my mom…?) and brought him home.

I was convinced he wasn't our dog, but my mom kept insisting that he was, so we sort of just took the dog in and accepted that it was Butler.

Funnily enough, when one of my best friends came over, he instantly noticed the difference, too. Normally, the minute he walked in, Butler would jump up at him and hump his leg. That time, "Butler" just sat there.

This friend of mine had a thing with dogs, by the way, and Butler would usually automatically get up on his leg whenever my friend sat down on a chair and Butler would hump his leg to no end. This "Butler" just sat there. It was the weirdest thing.

Did we seriously just steal someone else's dog and claim him as our own? While we will never know for sure (unless "Butler" starts talking and tells us the truth), I can say that I am warming up to "Butler". He's much more tame than the actual Butler and is much friendlier, too.

I still feel kinda bad, though.