Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Converse x DC Comics Collection? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!

It should be pretty evident by the theme of my blog how much I love DC Comics, particularly Wonder Woman. Well, I love Converse, too. In fact, I love Converse so much, I have a Converse VIP Card (well, had… I lost my wallet this weekend. Huhuhu.)

When you combine Converse and Wonder Woman, I literally go nuts. So nuts, in fact, that fellow blogger Paul the PR Guy surprised me with this beautiful Converse x DC Comics pair a few years ago. And, while those sneaks are still alive and kicking, I can't help but pine for the new Wonder Woman sneakers in the new Converse collection. TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!

Obviously, I will be buying one as soon as tomorrow coz that's just how geeky-me rolls.

The rest of the limited-edition collection features Batman, Superman, and Justice League, but obviously, I'm getting the Wonder Woman one. Mostly coz it's the only one that they have in my size, but also because that's what my blog is all about. :)

Check out the rest of the new Converse x DC Comics collection:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Superman

Converse Chuck Taylor All Justice League

All of the sneakers in the new Converse Chuck Taylor DC Comics Collection are priced at Php3,510. Get them in stores now! And don't forget to like Converse Philippines on Facebook! :)