Thursday, November 26, 2015

iflix Now Offers Download Now, Watch Offline Feature

I fell in love with iflix at first sight. I loved the aesthetics. I loved the convenience. I loved the TV show and movie choices. I loved the quality. And I loved that I could share my account with my loved ones.

I still love all of these things about iflix, of course. However, they have taken things a notch higher by adding an all-new feature that has made me love them even more: the Download Now, Watch Offline feature.

Exactly as it sounds, this new feature will allow you to download  content at your convenience, so that you can watch it later on - even if you don't have any Internet connection.

Yes, yes. You might think you don't need it coz you have Wi-Fi that you can bring everywhere or 3G that you can access anytime, but that really isn't the case. I used to think that way, too… until I got bored in an airplane once. And until my Wi-Fi ran out of battery once and I didn't want to use my 3G for fear that my phone would run out of battery, too. (Bloody iPhone battery problems.) And until I was stuck traveling without any Wi-Fi at my disposal. Sad times.

Now there is nothing to worry about anymore, thanks to this new feature. The coolest thing is that iflix is actually one of the first and only subscription streaming services in the world to offer this particular feature on this scale. There's no additional charge for it, either. Plus, you can choose if you want to download it as a low, medium or high quality file depending on how much storage space you have left in your device.

Mark Britt, iflix Group CEO, put it perfect, "This feature is a game changer and represents a huge competitive leap forward for iflix. Wherever our subscribers are - on a plane, traveling, on vacation, or anywhere in the world - they can enjoy their favorite programs, regardless of Internet availability."

So far, I've downloaded a bunch of Once Upon a Time and How I Met Your Mother episodes for offline viewing just in case the need for it ever arises.

iflix rules! Get a subscription for only Php129 a month for unlimited access without ads! You can also get a free 30-day trial first before you commit to see if you'll like it. :) Woot! Visit to register.