Thursday, November 5, 2015

Snow Caps: Get the "In Love Glow" (Even If You're Not In Love)

If you've been reading my blog and following me on social media for a while now, you should know that I'm not really that obsessed with looking whiter. In fact, I don't believe that white skin = kutis mayaman as a lot of whitening products seem to claim or at least call it. Maybe it has something to do with me growing up abroad, where most people embrace dark skin and love to tan to get a healthy and sexy glow.

However, after I had tried out the ever-effective MySlim, I decided to check out the rest of their products, too - Snow Caps included.

Obviously, most people use Snow Caps because of its whitening properties. However, what I love the most about it is the fact that it has a lot of other benefits under its sleeve, as well.

For starters, it has Vitamin C in it. For someone who doesn't take any kinds of vitamins at all, I thought this would be a step up and if I ended up looking better because of it, well, then that would just be a plus.

Second of all, I found out L-Glutathione, one of the ingredients in Snow Caps also works as an antioxidant and is helpful for one's liver health, cognitive health and skin health. Love it!

The effects were really interesting. Just three days after starting to take Snow Caps, people started complimenting me more. They chalked it up to being in a relationship, saying I was glowing because I was in love, but I knew it had more to do with Snow Caps than my boo.

Even I noticed and felt the difference. Every morning, kahit bagong gising, I would look in the bathroom mirror and notice my cheeks kinda glowing - without makeup(!!!) I looked like I had a bit of blush on when I didn't.

This is important because I always look like a zombie in the morning and don't even look like a decent human being until I've had my first cup of coffee and put on some foundation. Now, I can ditch the face makeup altogether, slather on some lipstick and I'm good to go:

Again: if you've known me for a while, you'll know that I'm not fond of posting selfies, either. I'd say I used to average about one selfie every twenty Instagram posts. Now, I'm up to at least one selfie a week. Hahaha.

Call it vanity or whatever, but I'd like to call it confidence - and it's partly thanks to of Snow Caps. I mean, if you wake up feeling confident and prettier-than-usual everyday, I'm sure you'll start posting more selfish, too (to the ire of everyone around you sometimes, but YOLO!)

You should definitely try it out. You might end up liking it, too. (Alden Richards does!)

Find out more about Snow Caps on Snow Caps' Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter (@snowgluta) or on Instagram (@snowwhitening) #WhiteVanity

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