Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Search for the Perfect Kimonos

I've been wanting a kimono ever since I saw Miley Cyrus donning one during that time I had a massive Miley Cyrus phase. Not only does she look great when she's actually clothed wearing one, but  I have always found that kimonos generally look chic yet extremely comfortable at the same time.

Kimonos are the kinds of coverups that instantly dress up lazy outfits. Not to mention, they seem like the perfect thing to wear on days when I feel extra flabby-armed.

Miley Cyrus isn't my only style icon who wears them, either.

I've spotted Nicole Richie wearing them many a time.

And, my goodness, how great does Lily Collins look in one?

My problem with kimonos is that, every time I feel the urge to buy one, I can never find anything that suits my style. When I do, they are usually out of stock. Other times, when I try them on, they end up looking like bathrobes on me.

Well, my search is finally over because I have discovered a place that sells all sorts of different types of kimonos. Yippee! :D Take a look at ZALORA's collection of fringed, floral, and tasselled Kimonos:

From that photo alone, you can see that Zalora has all sorts of different kimonos available, from printed ones to tasselled ones. I've already got my eye on a few of them and can't wait to finally get my shop on and get the kimonos that I've wanted for so long now. Do you love kimonos, too? :)

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