Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Have you heard of the brand Belkin before? I'm not sure how this brand escaped my radar, but I'm happy I finally got introduced to them since, to put it simply, they can easily take care of all of my gadget needs (and at much cheaper prices compared to my usual go-to gadget store to boot!)

Here are five items on my current Belkin wishlist that will really make life much easier once I catch have them all *cue Pokemon song*:

5. Belkin Mixit 1.2m Lightning Sync/Charge Cable

In red, of course. Coz Wonder Woman.

Aside from being available in a pretty Wonder Woman-y color, every Apple user needs a charging cable to charge their devices on a daly basis. If you're a blogger like me, then transferring data with this cable is just as vital.

That's why charging cables always need to be replaced the same day they get lost or stop working. I'd actually go so far as to say that charging cables are just as important as breathing nowadays.

4. Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones

Coz I have horrible navigational skills.

Now, not everybody will need this, but I definitely do. See, I have ZERO navigational skills and this will help ensure that I stop getting lost everyday. Sure, I know I can just use my GPS as normal, but I tend to always look down on it instead of waiting for the GPS lady to tell me where to go and that spells "DANGER" on the road more than anything.

This mount will ensure that I get to where I'm going with ease and safety. What I love about it the most, though, is that it can also be tilted and rotated as needed for easier navigation.

3. Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

Coz chargers deserve to be fashionable, too.

What is not to love about the color on this Belkin charger? Sure, being fashown might not be as important for chargers, but I love having unique items to avoid mixing them up with family members and friends. Walang basagan ng trip! :p

2. Belkin Sport-Fit Armband for iPhone 6

More pretty colours!

By now it should be obvious that Belkin wins my heart because of the pops of colours that they add to their phone accessories. I love the pink of this one.

I have actually been searching far and wide for a sport-fit armband because I have started running with my boyfriend every week (shocker, I know!) and I've just been holding my phone every time we run. Once I have this, my weekly runs will go much more smoother, that's for sure! Plus, it's so pretty in pink!!! Oh, did I say that already?

1. Belkin Economy Series 8 Socket Surge Protector

All of my devices, rejoice!

Belkin doesn't just cater to phone accessories, either. This socket surge protector is the ultimate must-have for a movie buff and gamer like me! Not only will I get to charge all of my daily-needed gadgets on this thing, but I'll also get to watch movies or play games while I'm at it. Lots of socket space for everyone! Hallelujah!

So, there you have it: my Belkin wishlist in all of its glory!

Lucky for me, they are all still available on Lazada. :) Want to check out the rest of the Belkin products out there? Just visit this link: http://www.lazada.com.ph/belkin-ph-by-macpower :)