Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Check Out Reebok's ZigTech Collection feat. Shawn Weinstein

Who hasn't heard of Reebok?

I know I'm kinda old now and everything, but I still think a lot of people out there grew up with this brand in their sports bags. Am I right?

Well, this American-inspired global brand is still alive and kicking - and with much awesome-r designs compared to the plain old white Reeboks I used to wear in Germany, too!

Yes, to this day, Reebok creates and markets sports and lifestyle products that are built on authenticity in sports, fitness and women's categories - and their products aren't just creative; they constantly challenge today's status quo, as well.

One of the most eye-catching collections of Reebok at the moment, though, would definitely be the ZigTech Collection.

The Reebok ZigTech shoes come with a unique bottom unit that features lightweight foam engineered into a geometric and dramatic zig-zag shape. This ensures that the users conserve energy and get it back as needed.

How does it do this, you ask?

Well, the shoes can absorb the impact of the heel when it strikes the floor, send energy waves along the shoes themselves, and propel the users forward with every step. This helps users reduce muscle fatigue on their shins and makes their legs feel fresher in the end.

Shawn Weinstein, a PBA player for Barako Bulls attests that the ZigTech Slash basketball shoe gives him more energy and comfort throughout the day, which is why he uses it for training and on court. How great is that?

Aside from the aforementioned collection, Reebok also has a wider selection of lifestyle and training shoes and apparel that are perfect for everyday workouts.

Like Shawn's hair? It was styled by Mr. Laurent Hebert of Franck Provost Studio in The Fort.

Hmm... Seeing as this is the month I start getting back on the health track, I'm definitely going to be visiting one of their branches soon. What about you? :)

Reebok can be found at the following locations: Eastwood Citywalk, SM Megamall, Trinoma, and Festival Mall.


  1. Belas fotos!!!

    beijo com carinho do Brasil


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  3. These look like great shoes! And the zig zag design at the bottom is pretty cool too. :)

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  4. Yes I like Reebok and Nike. These are the two I would go for. Well I am following you now.

  5. I was suppose to buy the ladies version of this, but my partner chooses the air nike. but might grab one soon.... hihihi.. shhhh

  6. technology nowadays really amaze me. Who would have ever thought of making the zigzag soles before, right? Great feature. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  7. oh, yes! everybody had them when they were little although the shoes are not comfy enough for me

    Inside and Outside Blog

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