Sunday, March 4, 2012

The TRIO Styling at BLISS :)

Exactly a month ago (sorry for the delay :p), on February 4, 2012, I styled a fashion show for Assumption College's BLISS College Night '12 along with my other TRIO members: Keigh Jalbuena and Ava Te.

Here are some BTS shots:

(left) Keigh taking pictures of some of the models backstage.
(right) Ava taking pictures of... her pretty BB case!

ANAGON represent! Spot my gold wired headband on the left.

For jewelry, our sponsors were EMO Jewelry and Wear Mauve.
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Since the fashion show was taking place at Alphalands Southgate, where the babydaddy works, I asked him to just meet me there, so he could be our photographer for the day. Well... let's just say that that's not how things worked out. :p

See, one of the male models - whose name I will not utter in this blog post GRARRR - didn't show up, so we were actually a male model short. Fortunately, the babydaddy is a good-looking white boy, so he reluctantly we forced him to fill in for he-who-must-not-be-named. :p

He clearly wasn't very happy about it. :p

(left) Gershwin Zabat, photographer.
(right) Henry Hardie, model(?). Haha. Ignore his evil fat finger.

Originally, the TRIO was only supposed to style two models each. However, when we got there, they kept shoving models our way! In the end, we ended up with so many that we were almost out of clothes for them to wear for their second round on the catwalk! We had just enough to keep everybody happy, though, thanks to our clothing sponsors Funky Plum Vintage and Thread Manila. :)

Here are some photos of the fashion show:

That's the babydaddy on the right! WOOOOOO!!! :p

And what event isn't complete without a dougie challenge? :p I wanted to join, but they already had enough girls. :( Haha. Here are some photos of that:

And the last bit that I shall mention here: THE PRIDE OF THE SOUTH, URBANDUB!!! :D Seriously awesome Filipino music. Check them out NOW.

Anyway, I hadn't styled a fashion show in a very long time, but I must say I absolutely loved everything about it. I happen to be one of those people who procrastinates until the very last minute because I love the rush of not knowing whether I'm going to get everything done perfectly and on time and let me tell you: that is exactly what being a stylist is about - that rush.

Add to the mix the feeling of worry that comes with making sure all of the pulled-out clothes and jewelry come back safe and intact, and having to run around in heels because being surrounded by pretty models makes you feel inferior otherwise, and you've got a tired but happy Wonder Woman snoozing in bed by the end of the day. I'm weird, I know.

On that note, however, the TRIO will be styling yet another fashion show this week - on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 6pm. Exciting! :) Our sponsors this time around are Cole Vintage and Trunk Show Manila! Will try to blog about that in less than a month this time... I suck, I know. :(


  1. go babydaddy!!:) hahaha grabe, henry doesn't seem happy talaga! but i believe he enjoyed the attention in the end! haha. He outdid thou who shall not be named! haha =P

  2. im sorry ah. but the best part of the event was when udub played. ahahaha. super udub die hard in here. BTW, i missed your TRIO shot!


  3. Thanks again for helping me out! See you on Friday! :)

  4. congrats on the successful show!

    I know one of the male models! Haha! the one in this pic :

    Was quite surprised to see him in your post. Haha!

    Cheers! :)

  5. great post! followed! follow me back, thanks! :D

  6. Good luck on your next styling! <3

    Almira :)

  7. Wow napaka talented mo talaga.
    And the babydaddy is cute ha, hindi naman siya mukhang napilitan hehehe.
    Great job!!!

  8. Congrats for that styling gig :) And goodluck on the next one!


  9. parang naalala ko, nakikita ko yung anagon, way way back nung candymag pa.. hanggang ngayon pala meron pa, nice! i looove the headband. will buy! hehe! anyway, goodluck on the next fashion show! <3

  10. You girls really did well in this styling stint! :) And OMGGG another styling gig on a fashion show? Congratulations in advance to the Trio!! ♥♥ Best of luck, ladies! I know you'll do great!


  11. Awesome pics hun! It looks like it was fun! The models are beautiful! Cool post hun! :)