Monday, March 12, 2012

WWF-Philippines: Win an Awesome Earth Hour 2012 T-Shirt!

Are you an Earth Hour advocate?

Are you doing your part for the environment?

I may not look the type, but I am a very environmental person. If you pay closer attention, you should actually notice that I always have a cloth bag with me and never accept plastic bags from stores. When I dine in at Starbucks, I even specifically ask for proper mugs or bring my own tumbler. I'm an environmental geek like that.

I am also a very proud member of WWF Philippines. Yes, that's no random panda sticker on my laptop, dearies.

Anyway, as most of you should know, it is Earth Hour on March 31 from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm - and this means switching off your lights for an entire hour. Personally, I like to go the distance and switch off all sorts of electrical devices for the entire night.

Aside from showing my support this way, though, I will also be donning an awesome Earth Hour statement shirt - and you can, too! Check out these awesome designs:

I'm not afraid of the dark - perfect for macho men, scaredy cats who are in denial and anyone who remembers and loves that line from "The Secret of Nimh" or "Kingdom Hearts". :p

Three guesses which shirt this environmental Star Wars geekette ordered for herself. :p THIS SHIRT IS AWESOMENESS ON A STICK LIGHTSABER.

Ehe. Ehe. Ehehehe. ;)

The sleeve design (this is the panda on my laptop sticker!).

And the back!

All photos taken from WWF's Facebook page.

Do you love them or do you looove them??? These shirts are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and can be purchased with a donation of P400! And it's for a good cause, too! :) Just send your orders and inquiries to

If you're a bit of a stingy one, though, but would love to have a shirt anyway, then guess what? You can win a shirt of your choice in the design of your choice by answering this simple question in my comment box below: What are you currently doing to save the environment?

For extra entries, you can also follow me on GFC (+1), follow me on Twitter (+1), like my Facebook page (+1), tweet a statement that shows how much of an environmental geek you are (+3) or write a blogpost about how much of an environmental geek you are (+5).

This giveaway is only open for readers in Metro Manila and ends on March 20, 2012.

Also, please support WWF-Philippines by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter. Or, better yet, become a member like me! :)


  1. I am currently a student and an environment activist. Since plastic production can't be easily stopped, I am campaigning less plastic consumption among my friends. For example, when eating in fast food chains or restaurants, we prefer to use metal utensils than plastic ones, and we do not use drinking straws and plastic cups if not necessary.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. You have a great blog. I'm now following you. hopefully you can keep coming back and return the follow. =).

  3. Wow how can I become a member? I also always have an eco bag with me. Back in my hometown, we don't use plastics anymore and it has done wonders! I hope Manila will also follow soon :D

  4. Excellent cause. Try to be environmental friendly as possible. I carry a cloth bag too. Most of the time. Try to avoid anything with leather. Thanks for visiting me. Let me know whether you like to follow each other.

  5. wow, you are so good about being very environmently friendly, which is very good!! I wish I would always remember, to turn switches off, to not throw away plastic bags, and recycle more. I am trying though!

    Much love, Gabriele. xx

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog
    I always support the environment!
    I love this kind of activities as I'm the person who likes saving up the energy :)

    Follow my blog at

  7. Ah I try to do the little things like turning off electric powered things when not in use, not using the AC all the time, cutting down on plastic bags, segregating trash..

    -already following you on GFC, Twitter, Facebook

  8. What are you currently doing to save the environment?

    There are lots of things or ways for us to conserve our environment, here are my simple daily ways: I follow our Waste management program by proper waste segregation, Since my sis and I have online shop whenever we have bazaars we use brown paper bag for packaging, biodegradable waste are always on our garden for healthy plants :), we're very strict with our water consume by keeping the faucet fully locked after usage and finally we always plug off our appliances whenever we go out.

    -Followed you already on GFC
    -followed you on Twitter
    -liked your Facebook page

  9. Every night is earth hour for me. I turn off my lights when I watch TV. That's 365 days in a year...oh, 366 days this year. Who's afraid of the dark? I'm not. ;)
    I have an entry at the I WILL IF YOU WILL project of WWF. I will run barefoot on March 31, a friend would take a video and I will post it on my FB so that friends will be encouraged to turn off their lights and to come to the dark side. hihi.
    I hope everyday is Earth Hour. I hope people will continue to give their share to the environment. Simple positive contributions done to save mother earth will collectively protect and save this awesome world we live in.

  10. Great initiative and excellent cause! If you want we can follow also with bloglovin, google+, twitter and facebook?

    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
    Cosa mi metto???
    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  11. I heard about this and I love anything that does good.

  12. This is awesome! I think I should be a member of WWF too! :D

  13. In my own little way, I don't throw my trashes (no matter how small they are) away on the streets! I see some people who carelessly throw their candy wrappers away... they're not minding the fact that small things like that can build up into larger trashes, which could eventually clutter our drainage systems when it rains!! :(

    Anyway, it's so great that you're supporting this cause :) good job!

    *followed you via GFC (dressmeupbuttercup) and twitter and fb (hazel salcedo) :)

  14. I love the shirts. They're so quirky. =)

  15. What are you currently doing to save the environment? -- helping out to save the earth starts at ourselves and doing little stuff for a BIG change! I started using eco bag than using plastic bags and with that I influenced my mom and some of our neighbors to use an eco bag when going to market place rather than using plastic bags.. starting it in a small way but gonna make a BIG help with our environment!

    GFC: jhenz balatico (following your blog)
    twitter ID: @itsme_JHENZtine (following you on twitter)
    tweet link:!/itsme_JHENZtine/status/180325253707345920

  16. Im joining the Earth Hour to help the planet! Here are some of the things that I do:

    1. We recycle water. We use water from dishwashing to water the plants. We have a lot of bermuda grass in the garden which must be watered at least twice a day and it uses up a lot of water. So using recycled water allows us to save a lot of water. imagine, our water bill is only P160 a month!
    2. Instead of using any gadget that uses electricity to while away the time, we try to have some "jamming session" with my family by playing the guitar instead.
    3. We plant a lot of veggies in our garden -tomatoes, okra, malunggay, eggplant, papaya, kalamansi, lemon, kamote tops, alugbati! Not only does it provide us with free food, but it lessens our carbo footprint too because we don't make use of any fuel to buy those things anymore.
    4. Of course, we turn off all lights when not in use. We use LED lights to lessen consumption. We clean the windows and the bulbs to help light up the place.
    5. We recycle plastic. As long as the plastic is okay, we use and reuse it as much as we can. We bring our own bags when we do our grocery.
    6. We collect all foodwastes and turn them into compost. We not only have free fertilizer, but we also have a clean place!

    gfc name: jaja
    twitter : jayarcy
    twitter post:!/jayarcy/status/181320266918531072

  17. I always put my trashes,even candy wrappers, on the garbage can and never on the streets. I reduce my usage of plastic bags(Im so happy for the no plastic bag policy here at my city). Me and my family dont have shower faucet at the bathroom and I never use one even if available. I might be a small individual who can just do small things but it will not stop me to be concern about our Mother Earth.

    gfc: Mina Balondo
    fb: Wilhelmina C. Balondo
    twitter: @minabalondo

  18. These are the things that I'm currently doing to save the environment:

    * Avoid using disposable items. I usually carry my own water bottle & cloth shopping bags with me whenever I go shopping.
    * Turn off appliances & lights when I'm not using it.
    * Switch to compact florescent or LED light bulbs.

    Extra entries:
    followed on GFC: Elinor Semira
    followed on Twitter: @mhoie1325
    liked the Facebook page: Elinor Semira