Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Suit Up!

I don't post a lot of personal posts on here (I have my Tumblr for that) - but here goes...

In case you didn't know yet, I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for seven years (2003-2010) when my dad was the Ambassador of the Philippine Embassy there. And to be honest, that's the longest I've ever lived in a country.

As such, it only makes sense that some of my bestest friends in the world live there. And so, it also makes sense that, although I was just in Bangkok last January, I already miss my friends there so much.

One of the biggest reasons why I miss my friends there is because they are so spontaneous and up for anything. And, when a How-I-Met-Your-Mother-mood strikes; or, whenever somebody is about to leave the country the next day; or, even if somebody just feels ugly and needs to feel hot for a night... we decide to pull a Barney and SUIT UP!

One such night happened on James' last night in Bangkok this January... (BTW, most of my friends in Bangkok are boys. I'm a dude like that.)

That's me on the left in a new green Grecian-inspired (of course!) dress that I had bought in MBK just days earlier. And that's Kei on the right. She tagged along on my trip and I introduced her to "my world". :) Which consisted of these men boys:

(from left) Chris, Nanak, Diehan, Paul and Tom
Don't you just love how my Indian friend Nanak Indian-suited up? :)

(left) the despedida boy, James
(right) Jamie, showing off his reversible polo shirt (purple on the inside, blue on the outside)

What I love the most about my Bangkok boys is that they never mind suiting up despite the insane heat in Bangkok. :p

I eventually got drunk jealous of the boys in suits, so I stole one and suited up, too. :D

Spot my ANAGON gold wired headband! Haha. Even in Bangkok: ANAGON REPRESENT!

Tom and me. Tom happens to be one of my bestest guy friends in the world.

He also happens to have the cutest dimples in the world. Adorbs, huh? XD

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my memories. :) On that note, do you guys ever suit up? Do you guys ever suit up despite the crazy heat here in Manila? If so... I'd love for you to invite me on your next suit up adventure. I'm a sucker for suits ...and dimples. x


  1. Panalo! Thank you for the Anagon represent! :) Best walking ad ever : Angel ! :D

  2. Can you tag me along too? HAHA! Seriously, guys in suits are a major turn-on haha! Especially when they take their coats off and then roll up the sleeves of their polo.. HOT!

    Almira :)

  3. It's so cool that you even suited up! And such cute guy friends you have LOL :P

    Btw, love reading personal posts like this, moooore! I didn't know you live in Thailand for 7 years! woah! :)

  4. I like ur pic biting ur lip, sexy momsie.
    Ur guy friends looks so cool to hang out with, i can tell.
    Plus they are guwapos:))

  5. dress up parties are the best! everyone looks pretty fab

  6. I like more personal posts. This is such a sweet message. I often miss my friends too.

  7. Fun!

    I had a suit made din before, it's navy blue and the under-shirt's baby pink :) Invite me! Haha! Kaso I don't know if it fits me pa XD

  8. Reaaally glad that you shared some of your experiences in Bangkok here in your blog, Angel! :) Na-enjoy ko ng bongga your experiences, at yung cute photo of your guy friend Tom, love his dimples! HAHA! You look fab din with your dress, kahit when you wore a coat! ♥


  9. You look so stunning and blooming, you really had a great time with your friends! I suddenly miss my friends; also most of my friends are boys. Lovely post!

  10. you look so lovely in that dress! i'm just wondering if it's hard learning thai...i suddenly missed my friends because of this post...

  11. suit up! legendary! :)