Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get in my Belly Cookies and Brookies are Pure Love!

Get in My Belly Cookies are soooo good, surprisingly.

This might sound strange, but I'm not much of a cookie girl. Yuuuuup. As much as I love Chips Ahoy's chewy cookies, I'm pretty hard to please in the cookie department otherwise. As such, you can only imagine my surprise when I got a batch of Get in My Belly's cookies and brookies and found myself devouring each and every one like a pregnant woman on the loose.

Get in My Belly Cookies

The Get in My Belly cookies were an absolute delight because they were soft and chewy and just oh-so-yummy. My daughter and I actually fought about these babies. And she's not much of a cookie eater, either.

Get in My Belly

I think what makes Get in My Belly cookies so good is because they are made with the utmost love and care. That's right. These cookies are all baked from home.

Get in My Belly

What really helped bring about the awesomeness that is Get in My Belly, though, are these:

Get in My Belly

Get in My Belly Brookies

The famous Get in My Belly brookies - an experiment on 'fusing' fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookies - ended up becoming probably one of the best ideas ever (IMO, anyway)! It's hard not to fall in love with these brookies… unless you already fell in love with their cookies, that is.

Get in My Belly

Get in My Belly cookies and brookies would be great options to give out this holiday season, as well. Coz, come on: who doesn't love to eat during the holidays, right? Besides, sweet treats are always a welcome sight - even for non-cookie aficionados like me. I just got word that they've got nutella(!!!) brookies out now, too! Excuse me, while I order a tub… or five. :p

Get in My Belly's chocolate chip cookies and brookies are both priced at Php250 a tub. You can't go wrong with them! For more information, like Get in My Belly on Facebook :)


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