Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It would have been fine if you didn't set the bar so high.

I'm sure you all know by now that my relationship with a fellow blogger ended a few months ago coz of unmet needs and a clashing of mind levels. Well, to be honest, I really wasn't looking to date after that.

However, as it always happens, God likes to surprise people in the strangest of ways and so I unknowingly and unexpectedly ended up back in the dating scene sooner than I expected. At the time, I thought: "Why not? No harm in getting to know new people, right?" Boy, was I wrong.

What started out as something simple and unexpected quickly escalated into an emotional wrecking ball as Mr. Non-Exclusivity turned into Mr. Hyde practically overnight.

glasses from Four Eyes / Spiderman shirt from Folded & Hung / POW! necklace from House of Luxe / Wonder Woman watch from Tomato / grey skirt from TOPS / American flag boots from Chick Flick

While I was talking to other guys at the time - notably Mr. Cheerleader, Mr. Emo, Mr. Liar and Mr. Ira - I didn't really show much interest in any of them. See, I'm one of the pickiest girls on the planet. You have no idea.

But then, Mr. Emotionally Unavailable came along. And while we aren't/weren't(?) exactly "dating" per se… it's complicated… he made quite a mark on me. Let's hide him behind the name Steve.

To be honest, I've had a crush on Steve for the longest time now. Steve is basically the epitome of what I'm looking for in a guy. He's got swag (the Joseph Gordon-Levitt kind, not the Justin Bieber kind); he's geeky; he looks good wearing the basics; he's good with words; he drinks (lol); and he is just so damn fine. Plus, he's got a good last name and a killer kiss. And killer arms, I might add!

The clincher, though, is that he is just as busy (if not busier!) than me; so there's no pressure to text 24/7 or see each other too often… which is exactly what I need right now what with my intense work schedule. No one seems to understand that.

I realize this doesn't sound like the perfect relationship setup, but like I said: I'm not ready for a full-blown relationship at this point and time. All I'm looking for is simplicity, consistency, pure awesomeness and a dash of sweetness and hot spice.

That's not all, though. Aside from everything I said earlier, Steve is also caring. When something's eating me up, he actually asks if I'm okay or tells me to calm down. He's a gentleman, in that he offers to carry my stuff, open cab doors and makes sure I get home safe. Did I mention that he's got a great last name and a killer kiss?!?? Lol.

What's crazy is that this amazingly perfect guy seems to think that he's lacking in certain ways. He thinks he's flawed. He think that he needs to change to make other people happy. Cray cray times one hundred!

I don't know about you guys, but I have always believed that you shouldn't need to change just to make other people happy. Just look for someone who will actually accept you, flaws and all. Or, even better, look for someone who will love you despite all of your flaws.

Pick me! Pick me! Hahahaha.

In all honesty, though, Steve has definitely set the bar high for all of the other guys I might meet in the future. If I die single, I will actually blame him forever for showing me that guys like him exist IRL. If you thought I was pickier before… well, I'm even pickier now.

All I want for Christmas right now is an emotionally available, not-in-love-with-someone-else version of Steve. But preferably also with a killer kiss. ...Killer arms optional.


  1. This reminds me that I don't even know what I'm looking for. I'm just going with the flow, openly dating, if someone asks for exclusivity and I think he's good I let him... But really committing as in like bf/gf kind of thing or in a relationship as per FB stuff is something I think I'm not yet ready but of course something I desire to happen din someday. I'm not very picky, as per looks and all, but what I look for is someone who can be intellectually stimulating otherwise, the guy would bore me to death. lol

    Anyway, love love your US flag boots! Yan ang una kong napansin agad! :D