Monday, December 9, 2013

Join Our When In Manila Rockeoke Christmas Party on Dec 17!

Ain't no party like a WIM Christmas party!

Are you a blogger? Do you wanna network, socialize and get to know the awesome people of Are you a sponsor, a friend, a reader or just a partyboy or girl who wants to party it up this Christmas season?

Then we want to thank you for your support and party with you at our When in Manila Rockeoke Christmas Party on Dec 17!

If you are a blogger wanting to join the party, all you gotta do is blog about this event and send us the link here along with four names for the guest list. Your +3 guests do not need to be bloggers.
In your blog post, make sure to add the poster above and link to Also, don't forget to share your post on your other social media networks! :)
If you are a partner or sponsor wanting to attend, please email :)
To qualify for prizes or drinks, you MUST be dressed in your best Rockstar or Pop Icon outfit! In other words: NO COSTUME, NO OPEN BAR. Dun dun dun dunnn...
Hope to see you there! :)

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