Friday, December 6, 2013

Someone with a good last name and a killer kiss.

Do you ever find yourself wanting something so bad that you do stupid things with hopes of getting it?

silver round hoop earrings from Manels / blue sheer top from Forever 21 / black galaxy print leggings from Romwe / colorful sneakers from Stampede

I thought I wanted something really badly recently. After a drunken series of events, however, I received a reality check and decided to explore other options.

Things moved pretty quickly from then on and more drunken (and completely spontaneous and thoughtless) series of events occurred, none of which I badly regret, but one of which I can't stop thinking about.

Maybe it was the Black Sheep high; the celebrity-infused brain; the rubbing alcohol they tried to pass off as drinking alcohol; or my being a sucker for comic books, city lights, tattoos, good conversation and the effortless t-shirt-and-jeans combo.

All I know is that I find myself thinking about that night more often than not and I no longer find myself wanting what I thought I wanted anymore. As they say… "it's complicated."

All I want is someone who'll be with me and only me, whether there are labels or public declarations involved or not. Someone with a good last name and a killer kiss. Someone simple and uncomplicated. Is that too much to ask?