Monday, December 30, 2013

My #1MADGoal for 2014: To Find Out What I Want and Go For It!!!

I'm not afraid to admit that I started off 2013 full of false hope. I believed that I would get out of debt. I believed I was giving my daughter a better life by moving back in with my family. And I believed that I had found the perfect boy for me.

What I failed to realize is that I didn't have any support on any of those levels, so none of it worked out. The good news is that 2013 helped me realize that: that you cannot really rely on anybody but yourself to get things done. And so, upon entering 2014 as a much more independent me next to people whom I look up to and who believe in me, I have come up with the perfect #1MADGoal: to find out what I want and just go for it.

In a nutshell, 2014 will be my year of fulfilling goals.

It will be the year I learn how to drive and finally take claim of the Audi rotting outside of our house.

You will be mine, bebe gurl!
And I will be growing my hair out again this 2014, too!

It will be the year I work harder than ever before (that means finally getting that stupid TIN) and rise in my field of work.

Bring on the WIM podcast!

It will be the year I get my dream weight back, while staying fit and healthy and - God, please help me - quitting the only bad vice left in my system: smoking.

Can you believe I used to be that skinny?!??

The best fitspiration is always the best version of yourself coz then you'll know that it is actually attainable. :)

It will hopefully also be the year wherein I find contentment and happiness with myself, whether things work out in love and life or not. :)

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for the year to end. There's always something about new years and the immense hope that comes with it to become a better version of yourself, even if it only lasts for two weeks or two months after the actual new year. :p

It's the thought and the hope that counts. So, for 2014, here's a toast ala Jack Dawson from "Titanic": TO MAKING IT COUNT. *clink*