Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lancome Beauty Workshop

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Have you ever had your skin tested? Well, I have. Last Saturday - the rainiest day of that week, I might add - I headed over to Mall of Asia for the Lancome Beauty Workshop, and I brought fellow blogger Maricar along with me.

a very intimate and small affair

Maricar, taking pictures

The beauty workshop consisted of a 411 on how to prep your face for makeup and how to apply makeup - things that Cosmo magazine had already taught me through the years - so what I really focused on instead was the different Lancome products that they used. Since they passed the products around for us to test on our skin, I was actually able to find out whether the products were something I'd actually want to use myself before shelling out any money on them.

Ms. Cari Co-Choa wasn't just pretty; she was helpful, too

Although I almost instantly decided that I'm not quite fond of the smell of Lancome products, in general, I was quite blown away by two particular products: the Lancome Genefique and the vibrating power mascara.

via Lancome

The Lancome Genefique is a youth-activating serum that works as a skin renewal booster, so to speak. Basically, while it usually takes about a week for our skin to renew itself and to produce youth proteins, the Lancome Genefique can speed up the process and leave us with younger-looking and younger-feeling skin in almost an instant. Plus, it leaves the skin moisturized, hydrated and soft.

When they passed the tube around for us to try, I put a couple of drops onto the back of my hand and a few seconds later, I could already feel the difference. My left hand was silky smooth and supple and reminded me of my baby daughter back home, while my right hand was left a little drier and a bit rougher. In fact, I just felt my hands just now… It's Monday, and my left hand still feels softer. Seriously.

via Lancome

As for Lancome's vibrating powermascara - need I say more? Usually, when I put on mascara, I have to jiggle the mascara wand on my eyelashes before I spread it on properly. Well, with the vibrating mascara, there is no need to do that anymore - perfect for lazy tech lovers like me. :) It also happens to be water-resistant, heat-resistant, humidity-resistant, and smudge-resistant. Wow!

Anyway, after the event, we were given the chance to take a skin test - and, my God, was I worried! I know I neglected my skin for more than a year while I was pregnant and shortly afterwards, so I knew it wouldn't look good. Well, guess what? It really didn't.

My pores were wide open, my eyes already had a few fine lines and wrinkles showing and my skin was slightly dehydrated. :( The good news is that the firmness of my skin was above excellent. Woot! Go, genes, go! Haha.

Maricar, getting her skin tested

I would highly recommend the skin test. It will truly open your eyes to the flaws that you actually need to focus on. Try visiting any Lancome booth and ask whether they have it available. :)

And, oh, while waiting in line for our skin test, we met a sweet little girl (yeah, right! Haha.) named Mara who approached us because she fell in love with Maricar's nails. Check out her nails here - so pretty!


Mara, getting her skin tested

When Maricar left, I ended up spending another 3 hours or so at MOA just talking to Mara. I love just randomly meeting people who are exactly like me. Makes me feel all happy inside. :) Will definitely invite Maricar and Mara along to the next beauty event that I go to.

Of course, the beauty workshop wouldn't have been complete without a goodie bag - and we got a loofa, a discount voucher and testers for several Lancome products, including the Genefique. Yay!

We also got a 10% discount card for Lancome products that could be used that day, but with my Dublin trip coming up… I didn't think I could splurge on Lancome just yet. Thank goodness for freebies! Haha. Will review these when I get the chance.

And, oh, if you know of any must-attend events coming up soon, please share! :)


  1. haf fun on your upcoming trip!:))


  2. Hi! Thanks! :)) Haha, I was trying to look busy. I was getting restless. Since I was in Manila super early, and I was thinking how to get myself out of that parking. :) My glasses are from Oakley. :)

  3. How are Lancome products? Have never really tried them out..

    Hugs! ~Angel