Saturday, August 27, 2011 Look: Dive In

My 18-month-old daughter Syrena is in love with Hello Kitty. So, of course, I took it upon myself to buy something Hello Kitty-ish, too. What I love about this Hello Kitty find, though, is that it isn't in the usual red or pink Hello Kitty colors of my childhood days. Instead, it's inspired by the the new and modernized black collection.

I still find it a little weird when I go into Gift Gate and see black Hello Kitty items (and yet I impulse-bought a black Hello Kitty wallet anyway *sigh*); but, hey, like Barbie, I guess Hello Kitty had to grow up, too. Here's hoping that my baby girl stays a baby girl for as long as possible, though... Now, on to the outfit:

black hello kitty tank top from Forever 21
blue cropped jeans from Penshoppe

black leather jacket from eBay

What's your still-existing childhood guilty pleasure? :)