Monday, August 15, 2011 Look: To love would be an awfully big adventure.

This is my first Peter Pan collared dress and I actually bought it on sale at Kids of Bayo while looking for clothes for my 18-month-old daughter. What do you think?

Peter Pan-collared dress from Kids of Bayo

grey animal-printed headband from a stall in Alabang Town Center

beige flats from Janylin

Hype this look on!

Ended up wearing it to Starbucks, and going there was definitely a WIN decision.

For one, they've got this new delicious drink called Hazelnut Mocha Frappuccino (have yet to try the non-fat version, though), which - in a nutshell - tastes like Christmas.

For two, they have actually lifted the smoking ban, which I thought was an idiotic move in the first place (even though I don't really smoke anymore) since most Starbucks drinkers who sit outside are smokers and when they issued the ban, they ended up just standing a few meters away and coming back to sit, which was horrible for the non-smokers anyway coz the smoke was blowing our way anyway.

But, yes, try out the new drink and leave me some links of you wearing outfits bought from kiddie sections, too. Would love to see them! :)

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  1. cute outfit! The collar is a nice touch. AND KIDS SECTION! Awesome. At least you get to buy stuff a bit cheaper? (Cheaper nga ba? hehehe!)

    O__O I WANT HAZELNUT FRAPPE! I must try this. :)

    ANYWAY, thanks for joining my giveaway. You got a cool blog goin on here.