Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lookbook.nu Look: Someone Else's Skin

My cousins from England came to visit us this week and this is what I wore to see them:

grey top with lace trimming from the Glam Camp bazaar
beige necklace from Mango

black shorts from Just G
pink heels from Stella Luna

This pair of Stella Luna heels is my most expensive pair to date! Got them in Bangkok on sale at 50%, but it was still beyond my regular price range. Well worth it, though. They're super comfy! In fact, I successfully walked down a car ramp in them and my aunt was so impressed, she took this picture to show everyone and tell them about it:

That's me and my cousins Christina and Christopher (he's 6'4" and only 16 years old!) Anyway, we ended up having dinner at a yummy, yummy Korean restaurant on Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes called Bi-Won (which means temple in Korean). Their bulgogi and kimchi pancakes are to die for! And all of their spicy stuff, too, if you love spicy food like me. :)

If you ever eat there, though, don't choose to eat in the room where you have to sit on the floor - especially if you have long legs. It gets incredibly cramped and uncomfortable after a while. Lol.

Afterwards, we went to Ruins for some pirated goodness, and then went back home to give my cousins the slightly-grand tour of our new apartment - a tour that I will soon give my dear readers, too... once I've put up all the decorations and gotten all the renovations done. Can't wait! :)

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