Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sale Alert: Forever 21 + Regatta

Like every other young woman in her twenties in this city, there is nothing I love more than a good sale (except, of course, my daughter Syrena - love you, sweetie!). And today is the day I have long been waiting for since, well, the end of July when all the other awesome sales seem to have ended or run out of good stuff:

That's right. Forever 21, baby!!!

I first fell in love with Forever 21 when I first saw the store in Central World in Bangkok. I remember walking in and just having no idea where to start because I wanted to be everywhere at once.

Well, I still love this store and everything in it, so I'm definitely going to be shopping my shoes off! (No. Seriously. I'm bringing my trusty foldable ballet flats just in case my Nine West high-heeled feet start to hurt from all my running around.) Expect my first haul post when I get back! :)

Oh, and apparently, there's also a huge Regatta sale going on - but whatever.

Gah. Still can't believe there's a 50% off Forever 21 sale!!! And the best part is that if you get there between 10am to noon and see something you like that isn't on sale (which is bound to happen at F21), you can even use your SM Advantage Card to get 10% off regular-priced items! *faints*

Wait... It's past 10am. What the heck am I still doing here?

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