Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy Scare: A 39.5C Fever

Okay, I admit it: whenever my daughter has a fever or gets sick in any way, I panic. Don't laugh. I'm a first-time mommy, so I believe I have the right to get panic attacks whenever my 18-month-old gets weird rashes, gets a fever or even just snores louder than her dad.

Well, on Monday night, Syrena got another fever - just two weeks after her last one. And although I kept telling myself she was fine since she was playing normally and giggling and laughing despite her fever, I couldn't stop my head from reeling at night.

Night number one went something like this: "Where did the sudden fever come from? Hmm... She got bitten by mosquitoes last time she visited her lolo in BF. Maybe it's dengue. But it can't be dengue. I wonder if it's dengue. Is it dengue?!??"

Night number two went something like this: "I bet it's because of that cold shower I gave her. I'm such a horrible mother. Is she still breathing? Okay, good. She's still breathing."

Night number three went something like this: "OMG. 39.2? She's never had a 39+ fever before. *googles* Okay, she should be fine as long as she's happy and eating normally. Has she been eating normally? No, she hasn't. *googles some more* Okay, she should be fine as long as her fever doesn't go past 39.44. Got it, Google. Thanks!"

Night number three and a half: *goes online* "Wow. The first thing I see is a dengue article on Female Network. Really, world? Wait. What if it is dengue? *checks temperature* 39.5?!?? That's past 39.44!!! HOLY SHIT."

After that, I dressed Syrena up immediately and took her to the nearest hospital. When I got there, the doctor pretty much just laughed at my face for worrying, but humored me by taking a blood sample and a wee-wee sample - things that Syrena, of course, did not appreciate.

She cried and cried and cried some more, until finally, she sweated so much that her fever vanished.

Moral of the story? I really need to stop worrying so much.


  1. Lols.... This is exactly what is happening to me right now.... Minus the eagerness to go to the doctor... Hehehehe i just kept on telling myself that my daughter is teething and i just precribed an antipyretic for her :) ....