Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Curious Tag Game

I'm not much for chain letters and surveys anymore (though I admittedly went through a grueling phase of them in college), but I figured this particular tagging game would help my readers get to know me a little better. I haven't written a personal post in ages, after all, so maybe this can count as one? :)

First and foremost, I want to thank Vallarfax of Iifa Tree for this, and all of my readers who are actually going to read it. :p I love you, guys! :)

So for the tagging game, here are the rules:
- Post these rules
- Post 11 random things about yourself
- Answer the questions that the tagger set for you in their post
- Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer

11 Random things about myself:

1. I hate being late, but don't mind waiting for people who are.
2. I name all of my gadgets and all of my shoes.
3. I haven't had a best friend since college.
4. I can play the piano and think that it is the sexiest instrument anybody could play.
5. High School Musical is my biggest guilty pleasure.
6. I am selfish.
7. I am searching for a great perhaps.
8. Lloyd Dobler is my soulmate, but I would leave him for King Jareth. 
9. I love long roadtrips to nowhere.
10. I cannot swim with my head above the water.
11. I am the lovechild of a vampire and a princess.

Answered questions of the tagger:

1. Do you easily fall in love?
Yes. But I fall out of it just as easily.

2. Sunrise or sunset? Why?
Sunset. It's like foreplay for the evening.

3. Why do you blog?
Honestly, I only started blogging because I was bored with my life and had nothing better to do.

4. What books are you currently reading?
I just finished re-reading "Perks of Being a Wallflower" for the nth time and am about to tackle "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo".

5. Legit or piracy?

Legit. But I like pirates.

6. Your favorite hangout?
My daydreams.

7. PC vs. Tablet vs. Laptop. Your pick. Why? 
Laptop. Coz I don't have the other two.

8. Are you into horror movies?
Hate them. With a passion. I am jumpy and get scared easily. Sorry.

9. In a relationship, are you the aggressive type or not? Why?
It depends on who I'm with. I'd prefer not to be, though, coz I like my men to be manly and take charge.

10.Do you believe in fairy tales?
Always have, always will.

11.Will you tell us one word that can describe you as a whole?

11 new set of questions:

1. What do you believe in?
2. Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?
3. How would you describe yourself in three words?
4. Do you have any good books to recommend?
5. What about any good music?
6. Would you rather go 24 hours with a frog in your mouth or a mouse in your butt? :p
7. Why? 
8. Who, in your opinion, is the sexiest celebrity out there?
9. Do you think 'making ligaw' is old-fashioned?
10. Do you play video games?
11. Do you believe in second chances?

Now, I'm going to pass this tagging game to Krissy Cruz of I am Krissy, Angel Castillo of The Space Between, and Marianne Matic of Not Your Ordinary Beautyqueen.

Have a nice time answering my questions. Keep tagging. ;)


  1. Oh hai, I see my name there! Thanks for the tag Angel, although the questions you picked are quite tricky, especially number 6!! :D

  2. I wonder, how many shoes do you have? And what are their names? =)

  3. Same tayo, i started to blog because i was so bored, theres nothing to do.
    But now, i blog, to document memories. :))

  4. Interesting answers, Angel! :) Love everything on your "11 Random Things About Myself". High School Musical is also one of my guilty pleasures, not to mention how much I drooled for Zac Efron!! O.o I even memorized their songs! HAHAHA Great memories! :p Oh boy! Awesome post, Angel! ♥


  5. Hi dear, this is such an interesting tag, great answers, very honest. I also like road trips and sunsets. Your answer to Nr 11 is tres cool!

  6. Seriously Interesting answers :)

    Love Storm

  7. I do believe in fairy tales too!

  8. I LOVE your post! It's so honest and real! We have some things in common. Especially hating to be late!

    By the way love, Just to let you know, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the award on my blog! :)


  9. Followed you back sweetie!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  10. Cute outfit hun and cute pics! It looks like yall had a good time! :)