Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Accessorize Sale Hauls!

Since it was Valentine's Day yesterday - belated Happy Valentine's Day to y'all, btw! :) - and I'm still in a lovey-lovey mood, I thought I'd share some of my latest Accessorize hauls with you. :)

In case you didn't know it yet, Accessorize is one of my favorite go-to stores for accessories, so I am absolutely ecstatic to share that I was able to enjoy not just one, but two of their awesome sales within the past two months.

In December, Accessorize had a Buy One, Get One Free sale, which was perfect for the holidays. And this is what I got from their Mall of Asia branch:

Adorable silver glitter bow flats for the baby girl.

And an adorable dog beanie for myself!

The total damage cost? Only Php1,200! :)

Then, towards the end of January, Accessorize started their End of Season sale, where items were up to 70% off - a sale that is actually still ongoing! And here are some of the things I got from their Alabang Town Center branch:

Chiffon butterfly scarf (P495)

2 of the bangle versions of these feathered earrings (P114 each)

Silver leaf and vine hoop earrings (P135)

Bluebell layered necklace (P360)

And this pretty swallow ring (P300) - which wasn't on sale, but was too cute for me to pass up!

The total damage cost? Only Php1,518! :)

What a steal, huh? And the best part is that you still have five days to enjoy the End of Season sale at all Accessorize branches! It can't get any better than this! :)

You can also like Accessorize on Facebook, follow Accessorize on Twitter or visit their official website here. Enjoy!


  1. I wasn't ever an accessories person, but have grown to appreciate how they dress up outfits. Your hat is adorable, and so is that little kiddo.

  2. You are one of the cutest mom-daughter tandems I've ever seen.I love the stuff you got, btw.

  3. Really cute stuff!

  4. Wow! Really great stuff you've bought from Accessorize!! :"> You look pretty and cute with that beanie, btw! Love those shoes on S! She's so adorable! ♥ Miss you! xx


  5. You got lucky,girlfriend! Each and every piece is AMAZING!

  6. I think I got my sister the same shoes. they're super cute!

  7. wow. I love your daughter's shoes. I also like the scarf and hoop earrings. I hope Abreeza branch is also on sale.

  8. Loving everything you got sis! Each piece looks so fashionable <3 Even your baby girl's shoes look so adorable :)

  9. WOW what a deal! All hat for about USD $30? Love it, and how cute are those little silver glittery mary janes?????

  10. great finds....i like the blue bells necklace. we don't have accessorize here, but sounds like something we have here called claires.

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  11. Hi! Thanks for your comment!<3 The photo of Megan Fox is from the film Passion play :)
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know!

    xoxo from Bulgaria


  12. Oooh, great haul! I love the accessories you picked, especially the scarf and ring <3

  13. I love those accessories! Your little girl is sooo adorable!

    xo Gillie

  14. She's so cute! I LOVE her shoes! I also like that ring! :) Nice post! :)

  15. that baby is so adorable! and yay for the hauls! pretty good finds!!

  16. S looks so adorable and cute! lovin all the hauls!


  17. Awww...great finds too! I love the bluebell layered necklace, hmmm...I didn't see that. :) And Syrena is the cutest! :) Stay pretty, you look so fab with your beanie! ;)

  18. Belated Happy Heart's day! You got pretty cute stuff there...I love the rings :)

  19. Cute! pretty earrings and love the glittered flats ;)

  20. Cute ni baby girl! Love her silver shoes! :)