Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The TRIO Ultimate Sundae Experience at Swensen's

Yes, I realize this was almost two months ago. I've been putting it off because something else happened that day that I'd rather not remember... but I'm over it now. :) Haha. I'm such an emo child sometimes; forgive me.

Anyway, a lot of you have already heard me rave about Swensen's before. Well, thanks to their incredible generosity during the holidays, I ended up with some GCs for personal use and a ton of coupons for "giveaway use"!

Since I was given 24 coupons in total, I therefore decided to hold a lil post-holiday contest for the TRIO and our readers. I was also leaving for a long Bangkok trip that same night, so it was a semi-despedida for me, as well.

Keigh and B!

(left) My Nutty Crispy Tower! I'm a sucker for caramel syrup, so this is by far my favorite Swensen's sundae ever! What's yours? :)
(right) Bea Perez of Lalalaloves with her banana split!

I was so happy Keigh chose B as her reader. I love her to bits! ... aside from the fact that she was only ONE YEAR OLD when "Titanic" came out in the cinemas. Insane. She makes me feel so old. :p 

The super takaw Keigh Jalbuena :p

She ate this entire fondue set on her own!

The Swensen's fondue set consists of 9 scoops of ice cream of your choice! And it comes with whipped cream, brownies, fruits, waffle bits and a delicious chocolate dip. Sooo good!

Can you believe Keigh finished all of that on her own, though? :p Still not sure why she chose that lime flavored scoop... Haha.

Don't you just love her then-new hair? :D

We had a birthday celebrant in our midst: Sammy Samson of Sammy Shouts

The Swensen's staff was so accommodating, they sang to her and even put a heart-shaped candle on an Earthquake sundae. By the way, the Earthquake sundae comes with a whopping 8 big ice cream scoops of your choice. Make sure to share it with someone... it's almost bikini season. :p

Happy birthday, Sammy! :)

Ava enjoying her banana split. :p

Ava's readers (more young'uns): Sammy and Regine Gapasin of The Fashion Voyager - bonding of the fashionistas!

I also got to meet up with one of my holiday giveaway winners that day, Eunice Chua. :)
(Check out Ava in the background! :p)

And now some group photos:

Swensen's is currently located at the ground floor of the South Wing of SM Mall of Asia - right in front of Fully Booked! :) They are opening a branch in Eastwood very soon, though, so watch out for that!

A special shout-out to the beautiful Bec San Diego of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks on the far right who wouldn't let me take her picture while she was eating her sundae. :p

And here's what I wore:

white apple shirt from J'adore la Mode Shop
distressed jacket from Tomato
red satchel bag from Impulse Co.
blue jean shorts from Mango
black bootie heels from CeCe

What do you think of my outfit? :) But, more importantly, do I look happy to you? Haha. Little did I know that that would be the last time I would smile before leaving for Bangkok at night. Haha. Drama!!! Okay, I'll stop. Will be blogging about my Bangkok trip soon! Watch out for that! :)

Thank you so much, Swensen's, for giving our readers and my fellow TRIO members the opportunity to try out your sundaes. :) I have a couple of coupons left! Who wants?


  1. i love how i look so candid here hahaha!:)) as always in your camera!! thanks for the treat!! see you tom!!

  2. everyone had fun i bet! plus super bongga talaga sa swensen! love their banana split bigtime. hehe.


  3. I LOVE ICE CREAM! and i think this would be a perfect place to visit, as our weather is terrifying hot for these days!


  4. Totally craving for ice cream right now! Love your outfit! :)


  5. magkano yung fondue set? hahaha damn I miss eating ice cream! last time ko ata yung 1.5L ng pistachio ice cream haha!

    Almira :)

  6. Ughhh this post is just so tempting!! Planning to ditch sweets but now parang ayaw ko na! :( Hahaha thanks for blogging about Swensen's and your orders, Angel! Now I have an idea which to choose. I trust your taste!! :)


  7. Oh my god the fondue set!!! My ovaries are screaming " i want them all!!!
    Nom nom nom:))

  8. Such fun filled photos. You look so adorable, like the bag. The desserts look divine, I want those colourful sorbets!

  9. Haha, love the special shout out!

    Bec of http://mygorgeouspinkcheeks.blogspot.com/

  10. Wow! Mukhang ang fun nito! And Ive been meaning to try Swensen's! Love your bag by the way! :)

    If you have time, join my on going giveaways! :)

    Win items from Asian Vogue, Envy accessories, Gifts Ahoy, The Closet Goddess and House of Luxe!


  11. very nice photos! you and your friend were really having a nice time!
    By the way, i awarded you with a Versatile Blog award. For more infos check my blog

  12. me! i want the coupons! hahaha! omg! i waaaant to try the fondue set. now! ~_~

  13. Looks like you girlies had a fun day!


    1. oh you look absolutely gorgous darling and very happy indeed;)
      i´m following you now;)
      love and kiss,mary

  14. Now, I'm craving for ice cream! :D banana split looks tempting but I would like to try fondue set, yum yum!! ;)

  15. Hey, didnt know you went sa MOA!
    I'll post this ok?

    Dont miss the opening of Eastwood ha?
    See you there!

    Eric Enriquez
    Marketing Assistant
    Swensens MOA