Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sound of Music Manila: Say Hello to the New Liesl and Rolf!

So... guess what I did last weekend? Aside from catching up with my beautiful friend from Bangkok, Gwen Zamora, the two of us also caught the evening show of The Sound of Music Manila.

This was actually my 7th time watching the show...? Haha. I've lost count. But I was looking forward to this show more than the others because I really wanted to see some of the new cast members perform.

Now, you all know what my favorite scene in The Sound of Music is by now, right? :)

Sixteen going on Seventeen <3

As such, I would like to introduce you to the new Liesl and Rolf of The Sound of Music Manila: Mikkie Bradshaw and Fred Lo! :)

Without exaggeration, I was actually left speechless after watching Mikkie and Fred as Liesl and Rolf onstage. Simply put, they were - as my Tita Joanna Ampil put it herself - "absolutely fantastic". They have great stage presence and great chemistry together and their vocals are top-notch.

Of course, it also helps that they look absolutely stunning together. Just check out that photo! Seriously.

Anyway, when I first met Mikkie, I fell in love with her instantly. What's not to love, after all? She's incredibly pretty yet doesn't seem to know it; she's spunky; she's nice; and she's so adorable, she could even play Gretl and get away with it.

A fellow member of the super single mom bandwagon, Mikkie was actually called back for the role of Liesl way back in July, but didn't get the role. Instead, she played the humble role of a postulant until they asked her to audition for Liesl again during the second season - and that's when she finally got the role. :) "Dreams do come true," she gushes.

Mikkie describes her portrayal of Liesl Von Trapp as a "tougher one" compared to that of Tanya Manalang. And this definitely shines through in her performance.

In fact, Mikkie plays Liesl so flawlessly and effortlessly, it is almost like the role was made for her - which makes sense since Mikkie is the eldest of five children herself. "When I thought about what it's like to take the lead in a big family, I realized that Liesl wasn't fragile and helpless at all," she says.

'Fragile' and 'helpless' would probably be the last words people would use after watching Mikkie portray Liesl. If anything, she left the audience feeling fragile and helpless. I blame it on hormones myself, but I actually teared a little bit during the last scene when she was saying goodbye to Rolf... shhh. Don't tell anyone! :p

Now, before I met Fred, someone told me that he was "the perfect Rolf", so my expectations were already sky-high from then on. However, I still had my doubts and thought that person was simply exaggerating... until I watched Fred onstage and in costume, that is.

Fred Lo really is the epitome of Rolf Gruber. His Rolf is charming and debonaire and he has a smile and a voice with the power to melt all young girls' hearts. Apparently, Fred's mom told him that he used to make vocalizing sounds instead of cry when he was a baby. I actually believe her.

As with Mikkie and Tanya, Fred's Rolf is also very different from that of Marvin Ong and Fred attributes this to the fact that they have very different insights and personalities when it comes to the character. "I have created my own journey to figuring out who Rolf is and what I can do to make him come to life onstage," Fred says. You'll just have to see the show to find out how he did that. :)

Fred has been wanting to go back to theater since he took a hiatus to focus on his TV career. So, like Mikkie, his dream has come true, as well. What's Fred's ultimate dream, though? "To become a power ranger." Chyeah!

So, why should you watch The Sound of Music Manila with Mikkie and Fred in the roles of Liesl and Rolf?

Well, for starters, they have definitely brought something new to the show, that's for sure. So, even if you have watched the show before, you are sure to find it refreshing to see them portray their roles in their own unique ways.

And, second of all, they're awesome. 'Nuff said. ;)

You can catch Mikkie and Fred as Liesl and Rolf on the following dates: Feb 9, Feb 11 (evening), Feb 12 (matinee), Feb 17, Feb 26 (matinee), March 4 (matinee), March 8, March 10 (matinee), March 11 (matinee), March 22, March 23, March 25, Mar 29, Mar 30 and Apr 1 - only at Resorts World Manila.

Let me know if you plan on watching! Maybe we can meet up, too! :)


  1. Woah! I haven't watched yet. Thank goodness it was extended! I still have time! :)


  2. omg ! I bet it was super awesome. dying to watch it.!

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  8. The sound of music is one of my favorite musicals!
    Thanks for commenting my blog. We can follow each other if you want.

  9. they look good together! And the new Liesl is very very simple but so stunning :)

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