Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7 For All Mankind Party Nights: Episode 1

Who hasn't watched James Franco's 7 For All Mankind YouTube videos yet? Well, in a nutshell, these videos focus on the riotous, wild, fun and carefree lives of today's youth - and that is exactly what the 7 For All Mankind Party Nights are all about, as well!

And trust me: if you are looking for a fun and crazy party or even just a good time with friends, in general, 7FAM Party Nights at Republiq, Resorts World, is where you should be every Friday night until August 3, 2012. I was lucky enough to witness it all on the first night of the Party Nights, and here's what went down:

Camera pass!
And a picture with the beautiful Ayet Bernardo-Quimpo - thank you SO MUCH for having us! :)

At the 7 For All Mankind table on Platinum 3. I felt so special. :)

Delicious free-flowing chicken quesadillas.

Delicious free-flowing drinks - and cherries! I love cherries!
We started with Absolut Vodka.

Jacob Gayanelo, Vergil Chua and Henry Hardie.

With Raiza Poquiz this time.

Group shot!
L-R: Jacob, Miko, me, Raiza, Verge and Jacky!

With Matt Ondrik and Miko Carreon.
Fun fact: baby boy Miko is one of the influences for 7 For All Mankind Jeans! All-out support for you, baby!

Jameson was bottle number two!

And then the dancing began! :D

Fun times! :)

Sooo much going on in this picture! Haha.

Gwapo boy! (Ignore me on the side there. :p)

Photo bomb!

No, I am not taking this picture off of my blog.

It's my sh--. It's my sh--.

(left) Rovie finally got to join us at Platinum 3!
(right) And there is Henry with bottle number 3: Chivas!

Who doesn't love to let loose every once in a while and just have fun? As an added bonus to my night, I even won a top from 7 For All Mankind in the electronic raffle! :D Thank you so much! It was an awesome, awesome night and I can't wait to join you for 7FAM Party Nights again! :)

Do you want to join Party Nights, too? Well, guess what? You can pick up 2 invites with every regular item purchase from 7 For All Mankind Stores. Or, you can tweet this picture along with the following phrase and get a chance to win invites: "@the_lil_miss, I wanna party at #7FAM #PartyNights with you!"

Don't forget to add the picture to your tweet! Like 7 For All Mankind on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, too, while you're at it! :)