Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a Little BTS Video Teaser

Before I go to sleep, I just want to spread some good vibes on the net by sharing this behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot that we had last weekend, featuring clothes by Folded and Hung and headphones by Timbre.

Special thanks to Toff Tiozon for the awesomely (and super quickly) edited video. I can't wait to show you the actual photos when Jody, our photographer, is done with the post-processing! :)

Of course, what good would my blogpost be if I didn't end it with a photo of me and my best friend Jacob Gayanelo, right? :p So, here you go, so you girlies can all drool:

Do you like his bad boy look? :p

This photo wasn't actually part of the shoot. We were just bored. And coz we were both cool kids wearing leather jackets (we're always terno in one way or another), we decided to have our own mini photo shoot by a random wall in the corner.

Thanks again to Toff Tiozon for this picture. You are officially beyond awesome. Love you! :) And Jacob, too! :)