Sunday, June 17, 2012 Look: I Need Somebody.

"Help! I need somebody!
Help! Not just anybody!
Help! You know I need someone!

How fitting that these are the lyrics to the song that was on the shirt that I wore to the KEDS Presents: STATUS EARTHLY DELIGHTS party earlier this month. It's practically the anthem of clinginess. And yes, I am clingy.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I overuse the hashtag #clingy quite a lot. Well, apparently, this is a big problem. Apparently, it's a big problem that I ask people for consolation when I'm down. Apparently, it's a big problem that I appreciate the friends who are always there for me when I need them and thus spend a lot of time with them. Apparently, it's a big problem that I get too attached to people.

Well, I might be weak and vulnerable and dependent on other people sometimes, but at least I'm real. And I'm glad that I was able to spend the rocking Keds x Status party with friends who are just as real as I am. :)

Here's what I wore:

Photo by Catch Gaviola.
grey shorts from Chick Flick
striped belt from Mango

white sheer The Beatles Help top from People are People

Photo taken from Vergil Chua.
floral headpiece from Bangkok
(I sell these for Php150 each btw).

Native American fur tote (bought online)
fiery rope bracelet from Bubbles
lizard connector ring from House of Luxe
pink-orange shoelace-less sneakers from Keds
(Won these pretty babies at the Style Icons x I Love Koi launch!)

stunning stone necklace from House of Luxe

The best part is that I met someone that night whom I absolutely adore. Someone who made me realize that haters gon' hate, so I just gotta let things go and surround myself with people that I love and who exude nothing but good vibes. x

Yes, that day was definitely full of epic realizations and awesomeness. I'd even go so far as to say that: that day/night, we were infinite. <3

Thanks again, Status and Keds! :)


  1. love your bag!
    visit my blog?

  2. OMG! that bag is to die for!!!!

  3. I love your tee!!! *_*

    New post on my blog, check it! :D

  4. aww, i love this outfit. you look great!

    definitely following now!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  5. Glad that u have lots of good friends..

  6. i am LOVEing that bag of yours! you look absolutely adorable. sounds like the nite ended on a good note with a new friend :)

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-GIVEAWAY

  7. You look gorgeous! The hole outfit is so pretty, but I adore your headpieces and bag!... And of course the Beatles! :)

  8. nice to see you dressed down Angel!! :) and bakit sino haters mo, tara sugurin natin! hahaha :)