Thursday, June 7, 2012 Look: Here Without You

Call me (and this outfit post) emo, but I love this song. And that's the only reason that that is the title. I'm not going through any relationship drama or anything right now - don't worry. :p

As for why the outfit shots are so emo... Well... When I was at Hang Ten with Aivan and Catch, Aivan saw a bunch of floral dresses and said, "You should get a floral dress!" And then he looked at me and said, "Oh... you're not the floral dress type." So, here I am, in full rocker chick fashion, proving to you, dear Aivan Magno, that I can be the floral dress type - albeit a very dark floral dress type. :p Let me know what you think! :)

floral dress from Hang Ten
black corset belt from Terranova
black rosary necklace - gift from Allan Evangelista

black sex bands from Bangkok
black bootie heels from Nine West

And a sneak peek at my latest tattoo!
Why an infinity sign? Watch out for my next blog post. ;)

So, there you have it! Proof that I can rock floral dresses, too... I can, right? Lol. Let me know what you think! :)

"I've heard this life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go."


  1. this is a very gloomy pictorial... but i like the floral prints.

  2. Love the dress, and such a cool tattoo :)


  3. I like the dress! Esp the back part ;)
    and may I just say, I loooove the way you rock your new 'do :)

  4. floral looks good on you! love the second pose ala ANTM :)

  5. I agree, I love second photo as well. Mumomodel! Haha Hooray for wearing a floral dress! Haha I still prefer them leather, studs and sneaks tho. See you again soon, please!

  6. Love how you add edginess to the sweet floral dress!

    Kaye Awatin

  7. chic styling dear!!! Love the floral dress with the black accessories!! the girl-y vibe becomes rock-ish!!!

    ps: thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog post! i really appreciate!

    paint it stripes

    New Outfit post "Polka & Red" is up on the blog, Hope you can check it out :)