Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wacoal - Be Body Beautiful at Any Age

I'm not going to be subtle about it: I am here right now to talk about my breasts. That's right. My boobs. My twins. My badoinkies.

Bothered yet? If so, maybe you shouldn't read on. But if you want to hear about how my baby feeders turned into a chest-board (geddit? :p), and how I plan on embracing them and getting help for the poor dears, then read on.

A lot of people get shocked when they hear this - partly coz I sometimes look like a 15-year-old and partly coz I sometimes act like a 15-year-old - but I am a mommy.

As such, it only makes sense that, like me, my twins have gone through a lot of shocking changes.

All of my life - up until I got pregnant - my cup size was a 34B. Or what dudes would call "a perfect hand-full" (read: Cameron Diaz).

After I gave birth, however, I ended up being a 36C (read: Salma Hayek - oh, yeah!) And, I don't mean to brag, but my twins were beautiful when I was breastfeeding. Case in point:

Sadly, good things never last and a few months after my breastfeeding days, I was left with A-cups. And that's like... Keira Knightley. And trust me: no girl woman likes being compared to Keira Knightley in the breast department. At least I know I don't.

And I'll admit it: I was shocked because I didn't think my boobs would shrink that much. At most, I thought they'd go back to my old bra size. But instead they got smaller. :( (Is it just me or does this happen to all moms?)

Unfortunately, two years have already gone by and I'm still not over the shrinkage. In fact, there are times when I seriously contemplate getting a boob job. That's before I read about Wacoal and how they believe that every woman can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age, though.

I know that I'm still relatively young at 25 (...even though that's already halfway to 50!), but thanks to Wacoal, I now realize that every woman's body - and their tatas! - vary. Our bodies change as we age, and that is merely a fact of life.

Thankfully, Wacoal provides us women with top quality products that aren't just stylish, but actually make us look good and feel good about ourselves by complementing our physical transformations through the years.

As such, one of my main goals at the moment is to experience these products firsthand sometime, so that I can learn to love my body - especially my twins! - the way that it deserves to be loved. (Cheesy, but true!)

What about you? Do you love the endowments that God has given you? :) Share your thoughts and like Wacoal's Facebook page while you're at it! :)


  1. ahh..the changes that pregnancy brings :) thanks to wacoal for giving us solutions to these problems :D

  2. yay love your body!!!! great message :D

  3. Parang iba iba effect post-breast feeding. Sometimes it gets smaller pre-pregnancy. A friend said hers got a bit bigger. Sana may one-size-fits-all size ang wacoal.

  4. Shucks, may shrinking factor talaga??? Afraid!!! :(

  5. haha! i love how you talked aboutyour breasts, oh well im a bit sad coz i thought when I get pregnant, my boobs will grow bigger. babalik rin pala sya sa dati. hahha!

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