Saturday, June 9, 2012

Empresario Summer 2012 Trunk Show

I have blogged about Empresario's Trunk Shows before. Well, last April, they were at it again. Although the summer has come and gone, I am here to show you that the brands that were showcased at Empresario during their Summer 2012 Trunk Show transcends seasons completely.

We'll get to that in future posts, though. For now, let me show you a bit of each brand, as seen at their fashion show in Skye Lounge last April.

Skye Lounge is located at the Fort - in the W building right next to the Lamborghini showcase place.

The night of the Empresario Summer 2012 Trunk Show was actually the very first time I set foot in Skye Lounge - a place that I have now come to love and build awesome memories in.

It doesn't have the view of Red Sky, but it definitely houses a crowd that is more "me".

Yellow ashtray for cigarettes. And vodka-sprite. <3

I remember I drank alone that night because the two Ks don't really drink and so I missed the BOOM clan immensely. :p

(This is for you, Rovie Dear!)

We had quite an adventure looking for an ATM machine so we could shop our hearts away - very anecdote-worthy, really, but I won't get into that just yet. And when we got back to Skye, we enjoyed a beautiful fashion show. Here's what you can expect from some of my future blog posts:

Gorgeous book clutches by Ienne

Sexy yet tasteful swimwear by Solstice Tropic Swimwear

Cute coverups by La Playa Senorita

Dainty outfits by I Heart Matilda

Awesome headphones by Timbre

Will be featuring each store in my blog very soon! Watch out for it! :)

But for now, find out more about Empresario and their future events by liking them on Facebook here. :)