Saturday, June 16, 2012


It is official: no one can throw awesome parties the way Status can.

Earlier this month, I was invited to Status Earthly Delights party to indulge in earthly delights and celebrate the release of Status' June Green issue with the Status Crew and the Keds crew. And, boy, do I have no regrets.

Why? Let me count the reasons...

1. We got to do our outfit shots before the rain started pouring. #commonbloggerproblems I think it's safe to say that we all wore our chicest of hippie trends that day and here are some of the boys' outfits:

2. There was absolutely no trouble getting in. At some places, they ask for my ID and won't even let me in after I show my ID; while at other places, my friends get told to get in line ...UHM HE'S MIKO CARREON. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU??!? Lol. At Skye, all we said was that we were with Catch, and up we went. Easy peasy! :)

Catch was already pretty drunk by the time we got there. :p

3. The food was free-flowing. Our tummies were more than happy.

Photo taken from Miko Carreon.


4. I spent the day with awesome people who exuded nothing but good vibes.

Photo taken from Status Magazine's Facebook page. 

Photo by Miko Carreon.

5. And, of course, we partied the night day away in the sky(e) with Hollywood and Las Vegas' own DJ Fashen and Status faves DJ Euric and Angelo Mendez. Believe it or not, the following photo was taken at around 5pm. It's amazing what Jรคgermeister can do:

Photo by Miko Carreon.

Here is also a video by Megann on what went down after the sun went down:

Yes, Keds and Status promised nothing but an afternoon (to night) of food, drinks, good company, and excellent music - and they fulfilled that promise to a tee. As mentioned earlier: no one can throw parties the way Status can. Thanks for having us! We had a blast!!! (And that's an understatement!) :)


  1. sounds a lot of fun! been following your tweets lately and you sounded very inlove-ish. haha! and that's more than great. yebah!