Thursday, October 11, 2012

Folded & Hung | Famous Salon - I am Famous Now!

I get bored of people and things pretty quickly. On average, it takes me about 2 months to get sick of a person or a thing. I think the only person and thing that have remained constant in my life so far are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Starbucks coffee.

This is the reason why I have never had a long-term relationship, why my iTunes playlist changes on a daily basis, and why I feel the need to change my hairstyle so often.

Well, things have changed a little since Folded & Hung's Famous Salon opened its first branch in Robinsons Place Manila on September 17. I am proud to announce that I was literally the very first person there (to change my hairstyle for the nth time) that day.

Folded & Hung's Famous Salon is located at the 3rd floor of the Adriatico Wing. It's easy to spot - don't worry!

Upon entering, you will find this wall with cutie Enrique Gil on it. (Hi, Jacky!) Enrique Gil happens to be one of Folded & Hung's endorsers, along with Angel Locsin, Elmo Magalona, Alden Richards and Sam Milby.

These awesome walls inside the salon reminded me of my own condo walls during my college days. #kurtiwillalwaysloveyou

A few minutes after my arrival, Miko arrived, too!

Closely followed by Paul.

And then Gerd. :)

I don't know about the guys, but I definitely didn't have any specific hairstyle planned before getting to the salon. The only thing I was really sure about was that I wanted to get rid of my undercut because so many people are starting to get it now (my twin included!). In fact, I wanted to get rid of it so badly, I covered it up before even getting to the salon. :p

A quick shot of my dry, split end-infested hair before getting my hair styled.

I'm pretty happy I decided to just wing it and hope that my stylist would be a good one. I definitely wasn't disappointed. My stylist, Eugene, knew immediately what he wanted to do and I left my hair up to his capable hands... even though I almost cried when he chopped off around 3 inches of it. :p

Aside from a shorter cut to get rid of my dry split ends from my bleached ombre hair from months ago, Eugene also decided to color my hair in a reddish-brown hue.

I got to wear these things over my ears to keep them from getting dyed on. I wanted to keep them on forever, though. In case you haven't noticed, I have weird ears. :(

That was the first time I noticed I have a Mickey Mouse heart-shaped face. :p

Now, if you've ever gotten your hair colored and you're a girl, then you should know how long the waiting period is when coloring your hair by now. Well, if you tend to get bored while waiting, you'll be super happy to hear that 1) Folded & Hung's Famous Salon has strong Wi-Fi; 2) they have plug sockets practically everywhere; and 3) they have a cafe in the salon!!!

Famous Salon's cafe.

I'll be honest: I actually fell in love with Famous Salon before first sight. They actually tweeted about their salon-cafe a few days before we were meant to go, and that's when they had me. I live for coffee. And Famous Salon just happens to be the first and only(!) salon in the country so far to offer a cafe in it, so they've definitely got my vote!

I like my coffee black with two packs of brown sugar.
The spinach crostinis were good, too!

Now, even if you aren't a caffeine fiend like me, you can still enjoy other beverages, food and snacks at affordable prices. Here's a picture of their menu:

Take it from me: drinking and eating is awesome if you plan on getting hair treatments done that take hours to finish. No boredom here! WiFi - check! Plug sockets - check! Coffee - check! I could live in Famous Salon and be completely happy and content. Swear.

So happy, you can actually semi-see my under-eye dimples. :p

Now, are you ready to get kilig, blogger boy fan girls? Hold on to your panties coz here are the guys with their new hairstyles:




Okay, you can stop drooling now. Do I have your attention again? Okay, good. :p

So, I know I said I get bored of people and things pretty quickly; and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Starbucks coffee are the only things that have remained constant in my life. Well, I'm officially adding Folded & Hung's Famous Salon to that list. :) I love being famous!

Thank you so much, Folded & Hung, for having us.
And special thanks to their miracle worker - slash - stylist - Eugene who miraculously made me look pretty in curls, even though I usually look horrible when curly. :)

For more updates on Folded & Hung's Famous Salon, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter today! :)


  1. Curly hair suits you my dear! Lovet!

  2. I totally agree with Emzi and Mafeteers! Curls really fits you so well! You really do look famous with that hairstyle! ^_^

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  3. Nice look!!

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  4. you guys look great! i love your new color! i think a salon + cafe is an excellent concept!

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  5. I love your new look! and now Ican't wait to try the Famous salon! :)


    Svetlani of

  6. You look so pretty!! Your new hair suits you :)


  7. you look great!!!

    paint it stripes
    thanks for visiting my blog, btw!

  8. I know I told you that I can't imagine you with curly hair... and I think you showed me a photo and I still said no? I don't know why I did because I like how it looks on your post! That last picture. GORJAZZZZ! :P

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  9. Love this post!!! :) And wow, your new hair is sooooo beautiful! :)


  10. Hi Superwoman hihi☺ your so cute.. hindi naman dry ang hair eh! ganda nga! love your lips!

  11. wow! a salon and a cafe in one..... galing, I't reminds me the last time I went to have my hair curled and heard my tummy's shouting out for food and got nothing to do but to wish that everything will be done the soonest time – awful 

  12. so this is where you got your do... it looks so amazing btw. :)
    I miss you so much that I had to just read and read and read through your blog posts to fill the void. :)


  13. Now this is something new! I love the combination of salon with cafe shop. Good thing you found out there!

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